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Taylor Revert

Month in AR - September

Though 2022 is getting suspiciously close, 2021 still has many killer AR campaigns in the locker. Check out September's Month in AR reel for the very best AR had to offer this month.

Taylor Revert

Month in AR - August

This month we’ve seen all sorts of AR experiences come to life, and we’ve announced a few updates of our own. Read on to find out about our top AR experiences in August 2021, as well as the very latest technological breakthroughs in the AR industry.

Taylor Revert

Month in AR - July

Our amazing clients and ZapWorks users have spent July pushing the boundaries of AR with creative experiences for prospects, customers, and employees alike. Let's take a look at what July had in store.

Taylor Revert

Month in AR - June

Happy Summer! We’re halfway through 2021 already, and what a year it’s been so far. The world of AR continues to thrive, with new and exciting creations arising every month, and we’re delighted to share the very best of what June had to offer.

Taylor Revert

Month in AR - May

Find out what May had in store in our latest round-up of the best AR has to offer.

Taylor Revert

Month in AR - April

April has been a stellar month in the world of AR. Here's our roundup of the best projects the Zappar Creative Studio team and our ZapWorks users have created in the last month, as well as an exciting announcement from an AR company 10-years in th...

Taylor Revert

Month in AR - March

Check out our top AR experiences for the month of March 2021! Spring has sprung and we've been working with Nestlé, FlyAR, and Valio to produce ever-more creative AR experiences.

Christie Clark

Month in AR - February

This may have been the shortest month of the year, but February 2021 has been a month full of wonderful ZapWorks webinars and awesome AR activations going live!

Christie Clark

Month in AR - January

We started 2021 off with a bang here at Zappar - releasing two new amazing features for our ZapWorks users and launching some great AR experiences for a multitude of use cases.

Caspar Thykier

Top AR Experiences 2020

From innovative marketing campaigns to new approaches to retail and product/ virtual try-on initiatives, here are some of our favourite AR experiences from this year.