Augmented Reality for Retail

Turn your retail environment into an interactive experience

The retail, product and packaging industries are seeing dynamic change through the use of enabling technologies. Positively affecting both supply chain efficiencies on the enterprise side and also the opportunity for more active and engaging consumer-facing retailer marketing initiatives in store, on the go and at home.

AR quite literally brings lessons and learning to life fostering collaboration, interaction, engagement and understanding of a given topic

Add to the retail experience

  • Turns all passive product, packaging, print, POS and marketing touchpoints into active digital channels for greater customer engagement.

  • Genuinely improve the end user experience (not just technology for technology's sake).

Measurable and accountable

  • Delivers better measurement and analysis of every aspect of the product and marketing mixing to drive greater efficiency and ROI through our data dashboard.

  • See live results of how activity is performing.

A solution that can scale

  • Easy to implement within the existing manufacturing, production, supply and marketing chain.

  • Future-proofed in a fast-evolving digital landscape.

  • Can be executed cost effectively.

Our solutions connect consumers to the retail environment, product, packaging and marketing initiatives on the device that matters most to them in their lives – their smartphones.

See for yourself

Seven years of real world experience in this space working with some of the biggest brands, packaging companies and retailers across the world, gives us unique insight and empirical data on how best to build and deploy computer vision and AR for the best results.

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