Conferences, events, trade shows and experiential are some of the biggest lines on any marketing budget. Through the addition of augmented reality these physical experiences can drive deeper engagement, social sharing and generate more data and more leads.

Mobile as a core pillar of your events strategy

Deeper engagement

  • A combined physical and digital experience is more immersive.
  • Interactive 3D content.
  • Product visualisations.
  • Increase dwell time.

Generate leads

  • Events are all about top of funnel lead generation.
  • Interactive AR experience as a softer entry point to a sales rep conversation.
  • Capture email addresses through AR take-away material.
  • Attract more people to your stand.

Analytics and data

  • See performance pre, at and post event.
  • Dashboards showing interactions with AR experiences, in real time.
  • Justify your investment with data points.

At Zappar, we started out using our augmented reality tech for our own events strategy – making our stands and sales materials interactive at conference and trade shows. Seven years on and we’re now helping some of the world’s biggest brands do the same.

See for yourself

Seven years of real world experience in this space working with some of the biggest brands, packaging companies and retailers across the world, gives us unique insight and empirical data on how best to build and deploy computer vision and AR for the best results.

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