Augmented reality for Events, Tours and Attractions

Create unforgettable events, tours and attractions with AR

Unite the physical and digital components of your events, tours and attractions with augmented reality. Engage every visitor and attendee with personalised, immersive content that drives greater footfall, engagement and dwell time - all tracked in real-time.

The power of AR for events, tours and attractions


Increase in visual attention


Increase in intention to visit


Uplift in memory encoding

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Increase & expand visitor and attendee engagement

Whether your physical events aren't hitting the mark, or your visitor experience needs a re-think, augmented reality is scientifically proven to drive more engagement pre, during or post-visit. With AR you can blend the conversation and connection of physical events and attractions with the flexibility and accessibility of online events and digital experiences.

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Drive event and attraction dwell time

Creating an exceptional customer experience is now expected, and your event, tour or attraction shouldn't be any different. Augmented reality offers a proven way to increase dwell time, by delivering a more engaging visitor experience through immersive 3D portals, experiential mini-games or product visualisations that places your visitors at the centre of the action.

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Increase visitor footfall and attendee numbers

For any event, tour or attraction to be considered successful, you need visitors and attendees through the door. With AR, you can dramatically improve footfall and attendee numbers by making the camera in every visitor's pocket a central part of their experience.

Proven ways to use AR for tours, attractions and events

Virtual events

From interactive exhibition booths at in-person events to immersive virtual events, AR can be used to make your existing events more engaging or replace physical events and fairs entirely.

Immersive tours

Create more engaging and interactive museum, park or attraction tours with AR - track users and their behaviours at different stages to discover what works (and correct what doesn't).

Bring new & existing IP to life

Use WebAR or your existing event, tour or attraction app to help visitors immerse themselves in new IP, giving them more context and driving connection.

Merchandise and marketing collateral

AR-enabled merchandise and marketing collateral provides a powerful way to engage visitors, and collect insightful data, even after they've left your event or attraction.

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