Best of Augmented Reality February 2023

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Best of Augmented Reality February 2023

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Find out more about February’s best AR examples, with engaging AR experiences for retail delivered with both WebAR and native apps.

What I have loved about the experiences from February is the inclusiveness. The experiences have been designed and created for both adults and Kids alike. The experience our Creative Studio team have created for Nestle CPW and DC appeals to the daydreamers, those who imagine being a superhero. For their ‘always on a journey’ campaign H&M created an experience that was both engaging and playful, for  kids and adults alike.

We have also had some inclusive experiences created by our Zapworks agencies. With Bitegyeser aiming to engage the creative child, with their colourful experience.  Finally, the experience from Razorfish and Busterwood was created for Kinder to encourage their customers to “share a smile”.

As for Zappar news, we released our first update of 2023 to Zapworks Designer, We added Face Tracking!  We also won at the PAC awards! Were awarded the Best In Class Award for Universal Design for Unilever Comfort featuring our all-new Accessible QR codes with Zapvision.

Emma Moore - Product Marketing Manager


AR for Packaging: Nestlé CPW - DC Super Heroes 

Objective:  To drive customer engagement through fun and engaging immersive experiences.
Delivery Method: WebAR
Tools used: Zapworks Studio 
Tracking Type: Face tracking 


  • More immersive than traditional cereal box games
  • Aids in the customer buying decision 
  • Creates viral promotional content 


Zappar Creative Studio created this engaging on-pack experience for Nestlé CPW to build on the incredible success and popularity of their Marvel on-pack promotion. Launched via WebAR for seamless delivery, children can enjoy their favourite superhero in the DC world both in-store and at home after purchase. With AR Zappar was able to bring to life 5 DC superhero Characters; Batman, Superman, Flash, Wonderwoman and Batgirl.



AR for Packaging: Razorfish, Busterwood - Kinder ‘Share a smile’

Objective: To drive sales and celebrate loyal customers.
Delivery Method: WebAR
Tools used: Zapworks Studio 
Tracking Type: Face tracking 


  • Customise packaging in a unique and engaging way 
  • Enhance user engagement
  • Drive brand loyalty through personal connection


Zapworks partner Razorfish and Busterwood created an uplifting and wholesome experience to celebrate their customers. To join in with the celebration, customers took photos of their little ones using one of the 5 face filters (a beach scene, a rainbow scene, an underwater scene, a hot air balloon and a space scene). Once they have taken a photo they can send it in for a chance to win big prizes and get a kinder chocolate pack with their child’s face on it.



AR for Retail: H&M Kids -  Clothes Recycling

Objective:  To find new ways of interacting with H&M Kids store customers.
Delivery Method: WebAR
Tools used: Zapworks Studio 
Tracking Type: Image Tracked


  • Promotes sustainability in an engaging way for kids
  • Tells a memorable brand story
  • Aids in customer buying decision


Zappar Creative Studio built this engaging and playful experience for H&M Kids at their store in Regents Street to tell a more powerful sustainability story for both the kids and the parents. Building on previous AR powered sustainability campaigns, this in-store experience is launched via QR codes on artwork across the store and once scanned children can enjoy playing the game and finding the recycling box.



AR for Packaging: Bitgeyser -  Baggio Colorear

Objective: Drive customer engagement by adding an immersive and interactive element to packaging.
Delivery Method: Mobile App
Tools used: Zapworks Studio  
Tracking Type: Image tracked 


  • Enhances user engagement 
  • Increases social shareability 
  • Creates a personalized experience


Immersive Agency, Bitgeyser used Zapworks Studio to create this colourful experience for Argentina’s biggest fruit juice brand. Once scanned users can create an illustration for 3 different drinks and share their creation on social media. This experience has been a real success so far with 3,000 scans per month with an average dwell time of 3.39 minutes.


Zappar News

Face tracking

This month we celebrated the release of an exciting new update to Zapworks Designer, Face tracking. With this update, you can now create a complete immersive storyline by creating an experience with face, image and world-tracked scenes all without coding.


PAC Global Award win

Sarah Master and Caspar Thykier receiving the award on stage
We were also thrilled to have won a PAC Global Award, we won best-in-class Universal Design category for our work with Unilever on incorporating Zapvision into products. We are proud to see our work towards more accessibility being recognised.



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