Best of Augmented Reality May 2023

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Best of Augmented Reality May 2023

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Find out more about May’s best AR examples, with exciting and interactive WebAR experiences for retail, entertainment and banking.

Spring has sprung at Legoland, first with the opening of Legoland Mythica in Germany, bringing magical AR LEGO Mythica creatures to the park, built in ZapWorks Studio. The experiences have been fantastic for adults and children alike as they brilliantly make the physical environment come alive. Then at Legoland Windsor, we created a fabulous floral flower crown filter for social media, to celebrate the launch of Springfest. For this, we used LEGO flowers and added some light animation. This was bloomed using MetaSpark AR, and has been a roaring success in both scans and shares.

We also saw an interactive gamified experience for Nestle with TD Bank joining in on the fun with their AR experience to showcase their credit card benefits. Our big experience created by our ZapWorks partners this month comes from August Allen, with their amazing customer-based curved surface tracking for Jones Soda.

Jo Duggan - Senior Producer




AR for Entertainment:  LEGOLAND  MYTHICA - Germany

Objective:  To support the LEGO MYTHICA area in LEGOLAND Germany with magical AR experiences.
Delivery Method: App 
Tools used: ZapWorks Studio 
Tracking Type: World Tracking 

Benefits of AR:

  • Adds interactivity to passive print.
  • Encourages user engagement.
  • Creates viral promotional content. 

In 2022 LEGOLAND Windsor added an AR interactive layer to the LEGO MYTHICA section of their park, and this experience was an extension as they expanded it to the parks in Germany to help bring the same magic. Fans can scan the custom LEGO MYTHICA codes placed on plaques around the park to bring the LEGO MYTHICA magic to life.

This experience centred around 4 LEGO MYTHICA creatures to bring a new level of mythical wonder; children can watch the Baby Lava Dragon pop out of its LEGO egg and breathe its first breath of fire, follow BitsnBobs as he narrates the journey, welcoming and guiding them. Or watch the Sea Serpent hiss and try to chomp at the riders on the roller coaster going by and admire the sheer size of the Sky Lion.


AR for Packaging: August Allen - Jones Soda

Objective: To bring an exciting layer to the already customer-based branding.
Delivery Method: WebAR 
Tools used: ZapWorks Studio + Unity SDK
Tracking Type: Curved Surface Tracking 

Benefits of AR:

  • Creates a personalised customer experience.
  • Adds a layer of surprise and delight.
  • Encourages customer loyalty through personal connection.
  • Aids in customer buying decision.

Creative agency August Allen used ZapWorks to create this immersive curved surface tracking experience for Jones Soda. Jones Soda has a long history of customer-based branding and is renowned for it, August Allen used AR to add an extra layer of excitement as now customers can not only see themselves on the soda bottles but they can see themselves in AR.



AR for Retail: Nestle - Thomy 

Objective: To bring playfulness and fun to Thomy products. 
Delivery Method: WebAR 
Tools used: ZapWorks Studio 
Tracking Type: Instant World Tracking 

Benefits of AR:

  • Encourages user engagement with a chance to win a trip to the USA.
  • Aids in customer buying decision.

Zappar Creative Studio created this gamified experience for Nestle to bring playfulness and fun to Thomy’s diner sauces. By scanning the QR code AR brings an interactive layer to the typical sauces in burgers, hotdogs and fries with this gamified dinner experience. Who doesn’t like entertainment as a side to delicious food? 

This multi-channel experience can be launched from in-store flyers, social media, trade ads and packaging, and showcases important information about products and a chance to win a trip to the USA.



AR for Bank: TD Bank - Credit Card Benefit

Objective: To turn the benefits of TD Bank card ownership into an experience of digital discovery to highlight the benefits that come with the product. 
Delivery Method: WebAR + App 
Tools used: ZapWorks Studio 
Tracking Type: World Tracking 

Benefits of AR:

  • Improved memory retention (70% higher than non-AR). 
  • Multiple hotspots allow for large amounts of information to be shared simply and effectively. 
  • Encourages conversion to activation. 
  • Provides additional information in an engaging way (95% increase vs non AR). 

Zappar Creative Studio worked with TD Bank to bring an immersive layer to their credit card welcome kit. Via a QR code at the front of the credit card customers can activate their card. With this new way of activation, there is no need to wait in line in person or over the phone, giving customers an easy and quick way to complete important and everyday tasks. Customers can explore all the additional features and benefits that come with owning a TD debit and credit card.


AR for Social Media: LEGOLAND ® - Springfest Filter

Objective: To create an exciting face filter to celebrate spring using the Meta Spark platform
Delivery Method: WebAR 
Tools used:  SparkAR 
Tracking Type: Face Tracking 

Benefits of AR:

  • Increases social shareability.
  • Adds a layer of surprise and delight.

Zappar Creative Studio worked with LEGOLAND to create this exciting experience for Springfest. This imaged tracked experience brings entertainment to users as the flower crown made out of legos takes a simple selfie to the next level. Accessed via the Spark AR addition on Instagram just in time for summer.


Zappar News 

This month we had an exciting update to ZapWorks Designer with the introduction of our second applet Particles.  Particles are a great way to add depth and realism to 3D scenes.

Key features:

✓ 5 easy pre-made effects: Rain, snow, sparkles, confetti, and fire
✓ Create custom variations with sliders and materials
✓ Combine with actions and scenes for increased interactivity


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