Best of Augmented Reality July 2023

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Best of Augmented Reality July 2023

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Find out more about July’s best AR examples, with interactive WebAR experiences ranging from sustainability to entertainment.

This month's experience selection showcases the versatility of AR, offering a wide range of Educational use cases to connect and inform users on diverse topics. From engaging young learners to catering to a more mature audience, AR demonstrates its potential in revolutionizing education and fostering immersive learning experiences for all. These use cases exemplify the growing importance of AR in educational contexts, making it a powerful tool for effective communication and knowledge dissemination, and we remain committed to exploring even more creative and impactful use cases in the future.

Ines Veiga - Customer Success Manager



AR for Entertainment: Just Play - Sesame Street

Objective:  To enhance customer engagement online by replicating the effect of ‘try me’ on toys in-store online by bringing Sesame Street characters to life through AR.
Delivery Method: WebAR 
Tools used: Zapworks Studio 
Tracking Type: Face Filter

Benefits of AR:

  • Encourages user engagement.
  • Helps to bridge the gap between the physical and digital world.
  • Aids in customer buying decisions by replicating the effectiveness of in-store ‘try me’ CTA.

Zappar Creative Studio worked with Just Play to create this interactive and entertaining AR Sesame Street experience. The “try me” CTA has been a cornerstone for selling toys. By giving a child or parent the chance to see and try it, the likelihood of buying it increases significantly. However, with the majority of toy purchases now happening online, where that is not possible. AR can help replicate that in-store ‘try-me’ experience at home by bringing the iconic sesame street characters to life.

Expanding on the face filter idea, the experience integrates the child into an animated scene with Elmo, where both Elmo and the child appear in an animated dinosaur landscape with matching onesies.  Injecting AR into the ‘try me’ process with an on-screen prompt encourages the child to interact with the brand, opening their mouth to make a 'ROAR' sound and shake the scene. 

AR for Events: Multiply, Loch Lomond Whiskies - The Spirit of The Open in your home


Objective: To celebrate Loch Lomond Whiskies’ 6th year as the spirit of the Open Golf Championship. 
Delivery Method: WebAR 
Tools used: Zapworks Universal AR SDK React- Three.js
Tracking Type: Instant World Tracked

Benefits of AR:

  • A valuable consumer experience which encourages customer loyalty.
  • Adds a layer of surprise and delight.
  • Helps communicate the historical moments in the Open Golf Championship history.
  • Allows fans to interact with the experience both in and out of home.

Marketing communications agency Multiply worked with Loch Lomond Whiskies to celebrate their 6th year as the Spirit of the Open Golf Championship in the UK, a world-renowned tournament for golf fans globally but not one everyone can access. 
This on-pack experience was designed to bring whisky and golf fans closer to the passion that makes a champion and to bring The Open Golf Championship into their own home using AR and exclusive content.

The bespoke 3D carousel was developed by creating a special OrbitControls that snaps in front of each shield, and each shield is created by placing textured planes in 3D space. The positioning of elements in 3D space allowed Multiply to put a very slight parallax effect on the buttons above the shield.

AR for Sustainability: BCVR Immersive - EarthXR 

Objective:  To find an immersive way to bring environmental issues to the attention of a younger audience.
Delivery Method: WebAR
Tools used: Zapworks Universal AR SDK for Unity 
Tracking Type: World Tracked 

Benefits of AR:

  • An immersive way to bring environmental issues to a younger audience.
  • Improved memory retention (70% higher than non-AR).
  • Helps communicate a complex sustainability story.

AR / XR Agency BCVR Immersive created ‘EarthXR’ aninteractive tabletop globe that was designed to highlight pressing ecological and environmental issues affecting our planet. The experience features environmental stories written by expert science journalists, along with engaging animations, sounds and easy-to-use UI. 

This experience aims to engage young people in the global issues of conservation, habitat destruction, loss of biodiversity and climate change. EarthXR is designed to be a starting point for further learning in these subjects, so family and educational settings are ideal places for it.


Zappar News 

We have had an exciting month in the world of Zapworks with lots of behind-the-scenes work being done to help take your experiences to the next level.

We hosted our Summer release webinar to showcase all the incredible new features and announcements including the Beta launch of Mattercraft and the introduction of Curved Surface Tracking to Zapworks Designer. 

Let's not forget our insightful webinar on Accessible QR codes with a panel of experts from Unilever and the RNIB talking about its recent launch and why they are an important step for brands in making products accessible to everyone, everywhere.

You can watch the full recording here

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