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Creative Studio

Zappar Creative Studio

Zappar have produced thousands of AR campaigns for the world’s leading brands and agencies. The team of designers, 3D artists, developers, producers, engineers, QA testers and account managers have more dedicated AR experience than any other team in the known universe. Headed up by our Executive Creative Director, Andre Assalino.

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Create AR your way with ZapWorks

Our award-winning SDKs, computer vision libraries, AR creator tools, CMS and data dashboards provide everything you need to develop and deploy augmented reality content built by your own team or your agency partners.

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ZapWorks creative tools

WebAR & App Embed

Zappar’s solution uniquely allows you to build AR content once and publish that either to the web (“WebAR”) or to a mobile app.

When launching a project in WebAR, Zappar gives you complete control over the entire user journey. Design your own custom splash screen, which offers you an opportunity to place your brand as the gateway to your immersive experience. Bring the power of AR to your app to drive downloads and increase engagement.

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Training and Workshops

The technical trainers in our award winning Learning & Support Team offer a range of options to get you up to speed on all things AR. From the AR ecosystem and how to measure success through to specific features and functionality of the ZapWorks tools. Our learning experiences have been designed for a physically-distanced world and are delivered remotely.

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All-new ZapBox

ZapBox is the first affordable, Mixed Reality (MR) kit that allows developers and businesses to reimagine how they design, build and create 3D experiences. Combining physical components with advanced software to provide immersive MR experiences, powered by your smartphone.

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All-new ZapBox - a revolutionary step in Zappar's mission to bring affordable Mixed Reality to the mass market. ZapBox enables content creators and developers to build truly immersive, 6-DoF MR and VR experiences at an unrivalled price point of just $40.

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Zappar’s decade in augmented reality and our unique mix of software, hardware and professional services make us an ideal partner to guide you on your journey in AR.