Learn from our partners what it’s like to work with Zappar

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Zappar have been fantastic partners in helping with a long-term strategy for augmented reality and connected packaging. Through their technology we have turned our products and packaging into a media channel to engage with our consumers and ultimately drive sales.
Gabriele Hofinger
Head of Marketing & Licensing at PEZ
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We have achieved an overwhelmingly positive response to the mixed reality technology from this year’s attendees at ESTRO, which demonstrates just how valuable this type of innovation is for the industry.
Birgit Fleurent
Chief Marketing Officer at ACCURAY
The key is to come up with something you can implement now and it will have an effect, rather than looking at something way out in the future that you know there’s a great use case down the road...but maybe not going to be scalable yet.
Jon Kubo
Chief Digital Officer