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Helping the blind and partially sighted access product information on packaging, with a single, Accessible QR code.

Introducing the Zapvision ecosystem

Zapvision is an integrated system, enabling brands to provide important product information to users. Here is how it works:

Comfort pure packing containing a Zapvision code

Product packaging

We’re reimagining QR codes with our D3 ‘dot-dot-dash’ pattern. Update your existing QR to an Accessible QR without having to make any changes to your packaging or introduce an additional code scheme.

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Zapvision app and SDK

The free Zapvision app and any apps using the Zapvision SDK are used to scan Accessible QR codes and quickly access relevant product information from 3x the distance of normal QR scanning.

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Content management system

Brand teams can convert QR codes into Accessible QR codes, download as SVG, and attach product information using our self-serve content management system.

The app and SDK enabling the blind and partially sighted to identify product information

The World Health Organization estimates that 2.2 billion people have near or distance vision impairment (source: WHO). 284 million people are partially sighted with 39 million registered blind globally (source: Blindlook), making finding relevant product information in store and at home a significant and everyday challenge. Zapvision has been designed to enhance the accessibility of product packaging for everyone, providing total independence when purchasing and searching for products, whatever your visual acuity.

How the Zapvision app works:

  1. Download the Zapvision app (or Zapvision enabled app).
  2. Open the app and point in the direction of a product (in store or at home).
  3. The app will search for and detect an accessible QR code up to 1.2m away and start to give audio queues and category information for the product.
  4. Once the desired product is found, product information including allergens, dietary preferences, and any on-pack information can be accessed using the devices in built accessibility features such as voice assist.

A single code with two distinct user experiences

The elegance of the Zapvision solution is that brands can provide two unique experiences to their customers whilst only adding a single Accessible QR code to their product packaging. Our D3 ‘dot-dot-dash’ Accessible QR solution augments the design of your QR code on pack, maintaining its destination for standard camera apps, whilst unlocking incredible value for the blind and partially sighted when scanned with a Zapvision enabled app.

QR code scanned with the device camera

The subtle adaption of the QR code means it maintains its recognition for sighted users, with links to webpages or AR experiences still available.

QR code scanned with the Zapvision enabled app

Unlocks enhanced distance detection, as well as important product packaging information that would otherwise require human assistance to access.

How brands can go from QR to Accessible QR

Zapvision allows you to augment any QR into an Accessible QR in just a few easy steps. Our fully self-service content management system (coming soon*) empowers brand teams to upload existing QR codes and adapt them into Accessible QR codes, ready for SVG export, as well as attaching product information to be read and displayed in a Zapvision enabled app.

Milk carton highlighted with an empty space on the front of the packaging.

Step 1

Design your packaging to include a QR code.

Two QR codes side by side, one showing the standard QR code and the other showing an accessible QR code.

Step 2

Upload your QR to the Zapvision CMS, add your product data, export the accessible QR code.

Milk carton showing an accessible QR code on the front of the packaging.

Step 3

Add your accessible QR code SVG to your pack design.

*Zapvision CMS expected to launch Spring 2023. In the meantime, we have a Zappar assisted solution for brands looking to get started.

Partnering with world-leading apps for the visually impaired

The Zapvision mission is to use our unique computer vision solution to help serve the greatest number of blind and partially sighted individuals as possible. To do so, we are providing a Zapvision SDK free to app developers who are building apps for this community. Zapvision has already been integrated with the Microsoft Seeing AI app, and we actively seeking partners globally who would like to bring the product to their app.

4 mobile devices showing different application landing pages - Microsoft Seeing AI, Envision, Zapvision and Your app + SDK
Icon showing an eye

A great user experience for the blind and partially sighted

Zapvision has been developed with guidance from the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) and has been optimised through the RNIB’s expert assessment process and guided user testing research with the blind and partially sighted community.

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Developed with the needs of brands at its core

We have worked closely with a number of major consumer product groups to design a system that fits effortlessly with their existing connected pack programs allowing brands to truly scale this solution effectively with minimal disruption.

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Be part of the Digital GS1 QR standard revolution

The landscape for mobile ready packaging is changing rapidly as new legislation across the CPG and retail space globally begins to come into effect. Accessible QR codes provide an opportunity to future proof your business and make the problem of access to product information for everyone a thing of the past.