Augmented reality for Marketing

Supercharge your marketing campaigns with AR

Move from 2D to 3D marketing campaigns that create a two-way dialogue with your audience with AR in your marketing mix. Create immersive campaigns that are scientifically proven to drive double (1.9x) the amount of visual attention and a 75% uplift in memory recall vs TV and online.

The power of AR for marketing


Increase in visual attention


Uplift in memory encoding


Increase in positive emotional response vs all ad norms

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Engaging brand stories that get remembered

For any type of branding or communication to be effective, it needs to be encoded into long-term memory and when it comes to AR-powered marketing, memory encoding is *70% higher, meaning you can drive deeper connections and resonance with your customers that ultimately last.

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Drive more sales from your marketing campaigns

Ultimately, it's marketing's job to make sales easier. Not only does augmented reality provide deeper engagement, but it's also a pretty effective sales tool too. Recent research from Shopify shows a 94% increase in conversion rate from products that include AR vs products that don't.

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Deliver better ROI from your marketing

With marketing campaigns that drive double the levels of engagement and an 70% uplift in memory encoding, brands and businesses can drive better return on the investment, either through sales, brand awareness or customer retention.

Proven ways to use AR for marketing

Digital advertising

Drive better results from your digital ads. AR ad units provide a more immersive and engaging alternative to static 2D mobile ads while giving you access to precious 1st party data.

Brand characters

Turn your brand characters and mascots into 3D representations of themselves that can walk onto your countertop and talk directly to your audience.

OOH Advertising

Make your Out Of Home ad networks more engaging and more measurable with a simple QR code incorporated into your digital display units or traditional billboards.

Email marketing

Increase open and click through rates by surprising and delighting your customers with AR integrated into your email campaigns and CRM strategy via a simple URL.

Print marketing

Say goodbye to passive print. Turn your print material into a digital discovery channel, delivering videos, recipes, 360 tours, ecommerce links and more.

Product launches

Power your next product launch with AR and create more engagement and excitement while saving on physical production costs.

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