Augmented reality for Packaging

Turn your packaging into an interactive media channel

Your packaging doesn't need to be two dimensional - with AR you can transform your passive packaging into your best owned media channel, creating stand-out material on supermarket shelves while driving brand loyalty and repeat purchase.

Why AR for packaging


More dwell time than traditional advertising


Growth in market share using AR in packaging campaigns


of people want more information than just appears on the pack

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Drive sales

Boost brand recognition and increase consumption by making your packaging work harder. Using AR in your on-pack campaigns can increase your sales by up to 15% through a combination of product education and revenue driving activities such as promotions, competitions and customer loyalty schemes.

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Increase brand engagement

Connect with the customers holding your packaging wherever they are, through easily accessible and valuable experiences that drive up to 55% more dwell time than traditional advertising campaigns. Use AR's unique attention grabbing capabilities to upgrade your loyalty programmes, CSR initiatives, sponsorship campaigns and more.

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Unparalleled consumer insight

AR on your packaging provides the most direct dialogue you can have with your customers in a way that's never been possible before. Unearth actionable, real-time insights on your customers, including when they're interacting and consuming your products, where they are and how long for.

Proven ways to use AR for packaging

Brand loyalty

Add value with digital rewards to incentivise purchase without margin eroding discounts or gifts.

Partner promotions

Enhance your partnerships on pack with AR to offer greater value for your brand, the licensor and the consumer.

Data collection

Gather valuable information by providing customers a greater incentive to scan your packaging and share their details.


Empower your customers to make conscious decisions by turning your packaging into a digital discovery channel.

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How can connected packaging work for you?

We've distilled all our key learnings and insights from delivering and crafting connected packaging campaigns for some of the world's biggest brands and businesses into one easy-to-digest guide.

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