Augmented Reality for Packaging

Turn your passive print into connected packaging

Augmented reality offers enormous untapped potential for brands to revolutionise their packaging and the way they connect and engage with the consumers of today. At a time when your marketing department is spending more on digital advertising than ever before; and users are connecting to the web more through mobile than desktop; your brand is sitting on an unrealised mobile marketing channel that’s been dormant in every supermarket, home, office, and shopping centre around the world—until now.

At Zappar we’ve been working with brands and businesses across the product and packaging supply chain to fully understand how best to deliver an effective connected packaging solution

Drive sales and lead generation

  • Improve frequency of consumption.

  • Extend the available real estate for production messaging and promotion offers.

  • Increase brand engagement.

  • Serve contextually relevant information at point of purchase and consumption.

Drive better data

  • Real-time data analytics on a serialized basis.

  • Drive greater understanding of your users delivering more measurable results and value added benefits to your customers.

An end-to-end solution

  • Works within inline print production methodologies.

  • Works at line speeds for code printing.

  • Understands the project workflows through the product and packaging design phase.

Ultimately the use of AR as a connected packaging proposition helps drive greater understanding of your users, delivering more measurable results and value added benefits to your customers. Put simply it creates your very own owned media channel you can control, update and measure in real time.

See for yourself

Seven years of real world experience in this space working with some of the biggest brands, packaging companies and retailers across the world, gives us unique insight and empirical data on how best to build and deploy computer vision and AR for the best results.

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