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During our 10+ years in the industry, we’ve learnt a thing or two about creating world-leading mobile AR campaigns that not only look great but deliver real commercial value too. Ultimately this means providing the products and services that meet the needs of a diverse range of use cases, objectives and contexts.

That’s why we built Zappar from the ground up to not only provide world-class AR consultancy services to help businesses with end-to-end AR strategy and execution but also to provide the tools (and hardware) to give creators ultimately flexibility when leveraging the awesome power of augmented reality across print, packaging, POS, people, places and faces.

That combination of creative studio, software and hardware solutions all under one roof is what makes us truly unique.



Born out of the University of Cambridge, Zappar technology has been powering Augmented Reality campaigns for the world’s biggest brands since 2011.


Combined years of AR experience

All our teams across the board from our developers and engineers to our producers and account managers are brimming with specialist AR knowledge gained from years in the industry.


AR projects delivered

We have put our experience to the test over the years and are proud to have produced groundbreaking projects for some of the world's leading brands and agencies.

Zappar People

Our mission is to democratise augmented reality

Our core values

At Zappar we believe augmented reality can change the world for the better, bridging the gap between the physical and the digital, giving brands, businesses and creatives the superpowers to reach consumers in new and exciting ways. Delivering greater engagement and salience. Our mission is to put advanced technology into the hands of ordinary people, empowering them to do wonderful things, and yes, possibly even change the world…


Being supportive is at our core and sits as the foundation of our mission to democratise augmented reality. We live this value through our focus on community (whatever their skillset) and the effort we put into distilling and disseminating our decade of experience for the benefit of others. We’re also very proud of our Learning & Support team who regularly win awards for how we support our customers.


We have a transparent commercial model for each of our business units. With Zappar Creative Studio we produce detailed cost estimates for our customers based on how much time from each team member will be required. Our Platform & Product pricing are transparent, affordable and built round a core principle of fairness. We want to see our technology deliver business success. If our partners succeed then we succeed.


Our technology stack allows for flexibility for our customers who can use our tools, SDKs and APIs in different ways to meet their needs. We don’t force our branding into the mix and take a flexible and pragmatic approach. Our commercial model is flexible allowing customers to pick and choose the areas that they need, be that our creative services, our platform or indeed our hardware with Zapbox.


We’re constantly curious about how our customers are using our products so we can continue to improve those products. Our curiosity inspires pioneering R&D in-house that keeps us ahead of the market and has created world first like Zapbox - the world’s most affordable 6DoF mixed reality headset. We encourage our customers to ask “why AR?” and think about their objectives and whether AR is the right medium.


We talk a lot about the “Importance Of No”. We won’t propose AR where it won’t work. We’re results-driven and want to build products and experiences with positive outcomes. Outcome over output is our mantra. We’re on the bleeding-edge of a high-tech sector but often need to bring it back down to earth with a healthy dose of reality. We’re interested in what AR can do for brands and businesses today, not hype cycles.

Eden people with trees

Our sustainability promise

At Zappar we understand that we all have a role to play in trying to reduce our collective impact on the world. Through our partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects, for every Zapworks subscription or Zapbox MR headset we sell we’ve committed to planting a tree with Eden Reforestation Projects.

We also monitor our travel, serving and hosting costs as a business and carbon “offset” through planting trees with Eden Reforestation Projects.

Meet our amazing team

We may have a single purpose, to democratise AR, but that’s only achievable from the efforts of our incredible team at Zappar. It might sound corny (and it is!) but we are driven by a ‘one team, one dream’ mentality where every single person has an important part to play in helping us write the rules and playbook for spatial computing.

Caspar Thykier Caspar Thykier

Caspar Thykier

Co-Founder and CEO

Chris Holton Chris Holton

Chris Holton

Product Director

Christian Parker Christian Parker

Christian Parker

Senior AR Developer

Claudio Fernandes Claudio Fernandes

Claudio Fernandes

Lead Software Architect

Connell Gauld Connell Gauld

Connell Gauld

Co-Founder and CTO

Dapo Ajisafe Dapo Ajisafe

Dapo Ajisafe

Customer Support Engineer

Dave Huscroft Dave Huscroft

Dave Huscroft

React Engineer

David Burbage David Burbage

David Burbage

Mobile Application Developer

David Mather David Mather

David Mather

Head of Marketing

Dawn Hughes Dawn Hughes

Dawn Hughes

Senior Producer

Eden Carter Eden Carter

Eden Carter

Software Quality Assurance Lead Tester

Emily Richards Emily Richards

Emily Richards

Visual/UI Designer

Francesca Ellis Francesca Ellis

Francesca Ellis

Technical Support & Learning Manager

George Martin George Martin

George Martin

Product Manager

Justin Rhodes Justin Rhodes

Justin Rhodes

Senior JavaScript Developer

Karl Cridland Karl Cridland

Karl Cridland

Mobile Application Developer

Konstantin Bozhkov Konstantin Bozhkov

Konstantin Bozhkov

Full Stack Engineer

Lara Ball Lara Ball

Lara Ball

Associate Producer

Lucelia Foote Lucelia Foote

Lucelia Foote

Visual & Product Designer

Matt Scott Matt Scott

Matt Scott

Lead Videographer

Max Dawes Max Dawes

Max Dawes

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Natalie Grundy Natalie Grundy

Natalie Grundy

Senior Producer

Sadif Bhatti Sadif Bhatti

Sadif Bhatti

Senior Visual Artist

Shuang Liu Shuang Liu

Shuang Liu

Senior Research Engineer

Tom DeFraine Tom DeFraine

Tom DeFraine

Head of Customer Experience



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