About Zappar

Who we are and what we do

Augmented Reality adds a new feature to this evolutionary appendage totally reimagining the role of the camera on your phone when used in an app as a new remote control for the world connecting you (and your audience if you’re a business owner) to the things and places around you.

With Zappar you can turn almost anything (print, POS, product, packaging, place) into an interactive delivery channel serving video, animation, games, competitions, additional information, data capture mechanics, social shares and more. Zappar adds a new visual dimension to the world seen through your device as a digital discovery channel. Making every touch point an engaging, measurable, accountable and delightful short-form experience.

Welcome to the brave new world of the internet of every single thing.

The clue is in the name

Everything you need to know about ZAPPAR is in those six letters of our name. It’s an APP using AR that let’s you ZAP stuff. See, there’s method to our madness.

The APP can be our free to download Zappar app on iOS or Android or an embed component in your existing app or indeed a new standalone app.

Our AR technology is totally proprietary and fully customisable built from the ground up by our team. We start with the problem we’re trying to solve with the technology and work back to the best solution for our partners and users.

Our ZAPs (the content experiences that ultimately people care about) can either be made by our award winning in-house team or by you using our class-leading ZapWorks content authoring tool.

Changing the world one zap at a time

At Zappar our mission has always been to democratise AR and make it meaningful for everyone - big multi-nationals, small business and most importantly end users of all ages and technical abilities with a smartphone in their pocket and idea in their head. We love a challenge!

What that means is that everything we do is focused on two objectives that guide everything we do and every decision we make:

1. Make the technology work effortlessly for everyone, everywhere

2. Make the most valued and valuable short-form end user experiences bar none.

To deliver the first goal that means making our technology lightning fast, robust, scalable, super simple to use and integrate into existing apps and platforms. It means setting the technology free so it can be used in any app and allowing content creators of all backgrounds and abilities to develop and publish their own AR experiences.

For the second, that means delivering the best tools constantly at the cutting edge to make short form experiences that reimagine what can be accomplished on devices at the most affordable price with tools to track performance.

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