Zappar is a clever little app that can see and recognise
images and objects in the world around us.

Once it sees things it knows, it uses Augmented Reality to make them come to life. AR is just a fancypants way of saying that the app adds things to the camera view that aren’t actually there.

With Zappar you can turn almost anything into a TV channel, a video game or even one of those social networking sites. Zappar adds a new visual dimension to the world for you to explore.


Need to zap something? There’s an app for that.

Zappar is available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and most Android
phones & tablets (view full list).

Download the app for free and scan a Zapcode or Zappar Powered
product to unlock magical content.



If barcodes were 1.0 and QR codes 2.0
then zapcodes must be 10.0. That’s a lot more.

Ever wondered how you know what to zap? Then wonder no more. Now, whenever you see a Zapcode like this you know there’s exciting hidden content to discover.


Zapcodes can appear on just about anything; delivering video, audio, 3D animation, photos, games, links and a whole bundle of mind-blowing fun to your mobile device.


You can even build and share your own Zapcodes using ZapWorks. Personalise your gifts, add an extra dimension to products or photos, or maybe just turn your cats collar into a high-tech, digital media content delivery system. Sorry kitty!

Now you can make your own zapcodes with ZapWorks.

Sign up for your free account and get started!

how it all

The Zappar technology was created at the world famous University of Cambridge in England.

Following in the footsteps of Charles Darwin, Sir Isaac Newton and Steven Hawking, our tech team have been busy developing the algorithms and platform that powers Zappar for over 4 years (when they could have been shooting pool or playing darts instead).

We like to think of ourselves as an entertainment laboratory with a collective skillset that makes for a unique type of creative tech company.

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