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November 2021

How LEGOLAND® increased park dwell time with AR

We worked with LEGOLAND® Windsor to bring the compelling narrative of their brand new IP LEGO® MYTHICA to life using AR. Utilizing the LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort native app to help visitors immerse themselves in this incredible new world and introduce them to the backstory, mythical creatures and enchanting realms.


Concepting, Strategy, Production, Design, Creative, Technology, Optimisation


3D modelling, UI/UX flow, Hosting, Analytics dashboard, QA testing

Deployment Method

App (iOS and Android), Custom Code Solution

The brief

2021 saw LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort build and execute not only a whole new area of the park, but look to find ways to rethink and innovate the guest experience. At the heart of their new IP was the central idea of two worlds linked together - the real world we inhabit and the hidden realm of LEGO® MYTHICA.

LEGOLAND® came to Zappar with the challenge of bringing this new brand proposition to life in a way that created meaningful and enduring engagement that extended beyond the time guests spent in the park. Zappar’s Creative Studio team worked with LEGOLAND® to blend the digital worlds with real-world features at LEGOLAND® Resorts.

Be unique

Bring the new LEGO® MYTHICA brand proposition to life in a unique way through AR.


Create meaningful and enduring engagement by merging AR with physical experiences throughout the resorts.


Extend the journey and continued enjoyment of LEGOLAND® visitors beyond the resort.

AR solution

A big problem facing theme parks and other attractions has been creating a feeling of immersion, combining the physical and digital worlds, without placing visitors in front of a TV screen.


We created a series of AR experiences accessed exclusively from the official LEGOLAND® app where they were given different opportunities to engage with the mythical world: take selfies and videos with the creatures, collect digital cards about the characters and learn more about their backstory.

At the heart of the always-on activation was the central idea of two worlds linked together via a succession of world-tracked portals designed to blend the virtual with the physical LEGOLAND® Resorts creating a carefully curated physical and virtual journey.

series of AR portals

The experience is designed to start before a guest arrives at the park. Guests are encouraged to download the app before leaving the house, engaging with a series of AR portals.

AR activation point

The experiences within LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort itself are activated off custom branded codes attached to large scale LEGO® statues that when scanned reveal their real-world characters in AR brought dramatically to life through a vortex.

POP Badges

Guests can also receive collectible AR ‘POP Badges’ to scan and take home with them, featuring exclusive LEGO® MYTHICA designs that open spy holes into the realm featuring Maximus the Sky Lion and also the Baby Lava Dragons.

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes

For the Creative Studio team, working on such a unique project came with highlights and challenges. From the thrill of working with such a beloved IP to the collaboration between the studio and the LEGOLAND® VFX team on bringing the characters and storylines to life with AR. During the project the Creative Studio team also carried out several site visits to ensure the physical and digital elements of the experience came together in a way that paid homage to the iconic resort.

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Project Outcomes

The use of AR and spatial storytelling brings the core narrative of LEGO® MYTHICA and the bridge between these two worlds to life seamlessly and in dramatic fashion to enhance the guest experience.

The results since launch have shown just how powerful this has been:

2.5 minutes

Guests spend on average over 2 mins 30 seconds engaging with each individual statue and AR portal experience.

Extended journey

AR activity extends the user journey and time spent with the IP both before and after closing time at the Park through the portals, photo feature and POP badges.

144 days

In total, from launch in May 2021 up until the start of September 2021, LEGOLAND® Windsor guests have spent the equivalent of 114 days and 12 hours interacting with the AR experience in the app exploring the digital realm.

Blooloop Awards

The campaign won a Blooloop Innovation bronze award being highly commended by the judges. The Blooloop Awards scheme is an annual scheme that celebrates and highlights outstanding innovation in the visitor attractions business.

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