Augmented Reality for Learning & Development

Transform your workplace learning

Augmented reality is transforming the way we learn, reinvigorating workplace training with experiences that are interactive, engaging and convenient for staff. Whether you’re looking to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your Just-In-Time training, by bringing passive learning materials to life or want to make staff onboarding more immersive and fun for new starters, we enable memorable experiences that deliver more than predictable, passive desktop learning.

AR for L&D

Training that’s engaging and memorable

  • Data from the expert ‘Layered’ Report demonstrates that AR experiences drive almost double the levels of visual attention in the brain while retaining information at a much higher rate.

  • Learners are more engaged and are more likely to remember information compared to video or online learning methods.

  • Blending digital and real-world environments enables your team to learn in their workplace context - real-life situations without real-life consequences.

Positively affect ROI and employee retention

  • Realize significant cost savings through increased speed to competency and reducing training hours.

  • Development opportunities are a key factor in job decisions. Augmented reality demonstrates a fresh commitment to innovation and employee investment.

  • Delivering immersive experiences via smartphone devices empowers staff to learn flexibly in times and situations convenient to them.

Make your existing materials work harder

  • Adapt your L&D offering by transforming your existing printed assets into a portal to a whole new world of interactive training content.

  • Previously passive materials become an opportunity for staff to get active, explore their workplace and learn through doing.

  • Track, improve and grow with Zapalytics. From scans to dwell time to gamified scoring - gain key insights to inform future training.

Our solutions connect long-term staff and new hires alike with powerful, memorable learning and training experiences, delivered on the smart devices they’re most comfortable and engaged with.

See for yourself

We have worked with some of the world’s biggest businesses across a wide range of sectors to help them leverage AR and deliver high-quality L&D programs that delight and engage their workforces.

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