Augmented reality for Learning & Development

Deliver your most cost-effective & engaging training yet.

AR incorporated into your blended learning programmes is scientifically proven to engage learners at a higher rate and increase the level to which their information is retained – meaning you can deliver more cost-effective training at scale, across teams and geographies.

Why AR for workplace learning


Increase in visual attention


Uplift in memory encoding


Believe that integrating XR devices will make the solution more powerful.

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Predict workforce trends

Improve your employee retention by delivering the training your workforce needs and wants. With AR your employees can be more in control of the training they take which in turn gives you valuable insight into which skills are in demand, and even which departments may need an increased workforce.

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Reduce time to competency

Deliver active learning through doing by using AR to aid attention, by up to 95%, and memory recall, by up to 70%, driving efficiency and effectiveness in your L&D programs. The more engaging and memorable your teams find training the less time they have to spend going over it and the quicker they will learn.

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Positively affect ROI

AR not only enables you to measure the success of your programs through real-time analytics (including how many people are successfully completing the task and how long it takes them) but it can also reduce your production costs as well as remove the need for travel through remote, immersive learning from home.

Proven ways to use AR for learning & development


Set your employees up for success with an immersive and interactive onboarding experience.

Product training

Create more effective product training programs, place products and machinery demos into their real-world environments.

Soft skills

Use interactive training experiences to upskill employees by delivering messages on topics including inclusion and diversity.

Internal communications

Keep your company up to date with easily accessible and updatable communication materials. Ensuring you also reach front-line colleagues without access to a PC or laptop.

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How to integrate AR into your training program

Find out how you can integrate AR into your existing training program to positively engage your workforce, decrease their time to competency and increase their retention of information all whilst delivering greater active participation.

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