Month In AR

Month in AR - April 2022

Our creative studio has been hard at work on some awesome projects this month, celebrating everything from Ninja training success to sustainability alongside our ZapWorks community using our suite of…

Grace Vassallo

Grace Vassallo

Zappar, Marketing Manager

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Chris Holton

Zappar announce volumetric video partnership with Sense of Space

Zappar is excited to announce our partnership with Sense of Space a Helsinki-based technology company

Grace Vassallo

Month in AR - March 2022

It's been an exciting March here at Zappar, with the introduction of World Tracking in ZapWorks Designer as well as the amazing work produced by ZapWorks partners and our creative studio.

Chris Holton

Announcing World Tracking (SLAM) in ZapWorks Designer

Today, we are delighted to announce a major update to ZapWorks Designer which brings Zappar’s recently updated world tracking (SLAM) to your Designer projects.

Grace Vassallo

Month in AR – February 2022

Here at Zappar we have had an action-packed month, with the exciting release of World Tracking for WebAR and some amazing work produced by our ZapWorks partners and our creative studio team.

Dr. Simon Taylor

Create more immersive WebAR with Zappar’s new World Tracking (SLAM)

World Tracking for WebAR (beta) is now ready for you to use in ZapWorks Studio as well as our Universal AR SDKs.

Grace Vassallo

Month in AR - January 2022

We have kicked 2022 off in true Zappar style and have not only seen some awesome projects delivered by our Creative Studio team and ZapWorks partners this month, but an exciting release from the ZapWorks platform team.

Chris Holton

Bringing 3D to ZapWorks Designer

We’re excited to announce that ZapWorks Designer now supports 3D models. Scale, position and rotate your 3D assets and publish straight to the mobile web – no apps, no downloads and no coding.

Grace Vassallo

Why you should be using augmented reality for retail

Advancements in hardware, software, tools and distribution channels have made AR a viable, robust and affordable solution for the mass market and there are many benefits that can be gained by retailers.

Grace Vassallo

The state of AR in 2022 - Mass adoption and increasing opportunity

Development and wider adoption of some ‘old favourites’ and the impact they have for businesses in the new year.

Grace Vassallo

What is the XR industry excited for in 2022?

We talked to some of the biggest names in the XR industry to share what they're excited about in 2022 and beyond.