Decade in AR

The future of XR with Cathy Hackl - Futures Intelligence Group

The 10x10 Sessions are back, and the first episode of Series 2 features Cathy Hackl, leading tech futurist and one of 2020's top 10 most influential women in tech.

Taylor Revert

Taylor Revert

Zappar, Marketing Manager

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Taylor Revert

Month in AR - August

This month we’ve seen all sorts of AR experiences come to life, and we’ve announced a few updates of our own. Read on to find out about our top AR experiences in August 2021, as well as the very latest technological breakthroughs in the AR industry.

Connell Gauld

How to improve the photorealism of your AR experiences on the web

We'll discuss some of the techniques, best practices, and tricks(!) we can use to improve the photorealism of real-time AR experiences, and present a believable simulation to our users.

Taylor Revert

Top WebAR Experiences of 2021

WebAR is being adopted by brands worldwide as a way to reach millions and move the needle. Here are our picks for the top WebAR experiences of 2021, updated throughout the year.

Taylor Revert

Month in AR - July

Our amazing clients and ZapWorks users have spent July pushing the boundaries of AR with creative experiences for prospects, customers, and employees alike. Let's take a look at what July had in store.

Taylor Revert

Ash Tailor - LEGOLAND

In the series finale of our 10x10 Sessions, Caspar Thykier chats with Ash Tailor, Vice President of Global Brand and Marketing for LEGOLAND. They discuss the new AR-powered park section that is LEGO Mythica, and a whole lot more.

Tom DeFraine

Introducing ZapWorks Training

Upskill in AR with our all-new ZapWorks Training, designed to help your business and teams get the most out of AR. Our Customer Success Manager, Tom DeFraine, runs through how it came about, and what you can expect when you sign up.

Taylor Revert

Jeremy Dalton - PwC

In this 10x10 Session, Zappar's Sales Director (Martin Stahel) is joined by Jeremy Dalton, the Head of XR at PwC UK.

Caspar Thykier

Connected Packaging: Your best performing owned media channel

Download our new mini-guide in collaboration with Experience is Everything and System1 and discover just how effective AR packaging campaigns really are.

Taylor Revert

Greg Hough - GlaxoSmithKline

Join Martin Stahel & Greg Hough as they unpack how GSK is using XR to add commercial value, the key factors for scaling XR within larger companies and the exciting developments that are on the horizon for the XR industry.

Taylor Revert

What we learned at the AR Pioneers Summit 2021

After 10 years in existence, we at Zappar ran our inaugural virtual Summit in June 2021. The AR Pioneers Summit was a testament to the last decade in augmented reality.