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Grace Vassallo

Why you should be incorporating AR into your learning solutions

Everything you need to know to convince you to start including Augmented Reality in your learning solutions.

Grace Vassallo

XR Pioneers 23: What you missed

Find out what you missed at XR Pioneers 2023, including industry panels, workshops and product announcements.

Connell Gauld

Announcing Mattercraft: The Future of 3D Web Tooling (Now in Open Beta)

Our brand new content development tool, Mattercraft, is now in open beta and available on all Zapworks accounts and plans.

Tom DeFraine

Meet the Zappar team at DevLearn 2023

We’re excited to be showcasing the best of what AR and Zappar have to offer to the L&D community next week (23rd – 27th Oct) at DevLearn in Las Vegas.

Caspar Thykier

Introducing Accessible QR Codes in the Envision App

Discover more about our partnership with Envision App to enable Accessible QR codes (AQR) for their 250,000+ global customers.

Emma Moore

How ICON XR Studios enhanced Jones Soda’s ‘REEL Labels’ programme with WebAR

Jones Soda approached ICON XR Studios to help them enhance their ‘REEL Labels’ programme with a faster, more seamless user experience that leveraged WebAR instead of app-based technology.

Nafisa Ahmed

Best of Augmented Reality July 2023

Find out more about July’s best AR examples, with interactive WebAR experiences ranging from sustainability to entertainment.

Grace Vassallo

The new age of connected packaging for everyone, everywhere

Find out more about how product packaging is changing and why Accessible QR codes are an important step for brands in making products accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Grace Vassallo

What is Accessible QR (AQR)?

Find out what Accessible QR (AQR) is and how it can be used to help make information on pack accessible to everyone, everywhere whatever their visual acuity.

Emma Moore

Top 5 AI tools to use in your next AR project

Learn about how AI tools can be used to make AR projects within the strategy, ideation, creation and evaluation phases of a campaign.

Nafisa Ahmed

Best of Augmented Reality June 2023

Find out more about June’s best AR examples, with immersive WebaR experiences for tourism and retail.

Grace Vassallo

9 different ways to use mixed reality

Delve into the immersive world of mixed reality, exploring its features and potential applications that hold the power to revolutionize various industries.