Month in AR - October 2022

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Month in AR - October 2022

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Find out more about October's best AR examples, including amazing web AR experiences and information about our upcoming AR Pioneers summit


October has been a standout Month in AR for me, with Disney Kitchen echoing the brand proposition of "playful goodness with healthy living" at its heart, using spatial storytelling to drive engagement and sales success. And with Jurassic World: Dominion teaching people their Rajasaurus from their Ankylosaurus with it's "build your own scene" experience in-store and at home. Not to mention epic interactive murals and detailed digital worlds from our Zapworks partners

Paul Spittlehouse - Head of Production



Zappar News 


We are excited to announce Zappar’s AR Pioneers Virtual Summit is back for its second year. We are gathering AR innovators from across the globe to celebrate another incredible year of advancements within the world of AR.

Join us on the 8th-9th November, when we will be hosting two days of networking, product launches, industry deep dives and technical demonstrations whilst giving you access to some of the biggest names and brightest minds in the industry.

There is something for all AR enthusiasts so don’t forget to register here


AR for Entertainment:  The Walt Disney Company Emea - Disney Kitchen AR experience 

Objective: To drive engagement and boost sales success 
Delivery Method: WebAR
Tools used: Zapworks Studio, Zapworks Universal AR SDK for Three.js

The Zappar Creative Studio worked with The Walt Disney Company, to create an experience that prompts healthy living and healthy learning through spatial storytelling. This multi-layered experience features different interaction methods with animated disney characters and games to keep both children and parents alike entertained with its playful goodness. The activation has so many different elements to explore including…

  •  A treasure hunt with Winnie the Pooh where children are transported to the beautiful illustrated world of 100 Acre Wood to explore in 360°. 
  •  An educational and fun visual quiz, along with a word puzzle where by rotating the 3D cloud the hidden word is revealed. 
  • Colouring in the outline of the disney characters with Lightning McQueen. 
  • The sand builder where by swiping down on a big sand hill kids can reveal a sand-sculpted Toy Story character. 

Launched via QR code this experience encourages parents and children to be active, eat better, explore free play and let their imaginations wonder.



AR for Event: Groove Jones - Get in the Game

Objective:  To help kick off the soccer season with additional AR fan experiences
Delivery Method: WebAR
Tools used: Zapworks Universal AR SDK, React-Three.js

Zapworks partner Groove Jones worked with FC Dallas to help them kick off the soccer season with 3 interactive murals with electric visuals and roaring sound effects. Once activated the murals unlock explosive animations of the 3 top FC Dallas players ( Paxton Pomykal, Jesus Ferreira, and Paul Arriola), and fans can watch as they burst out of the mural with their signature game moves.Fans can also join in with more of the excitement as they watch the three FC Dallas players fly in from the sky to a designated fan spot, where they land – superhero style, and pose for a picture before running off. This experience is launched via QR codes scattered around the stadium and FC Dallas wrapped Toyota trucks used for off-site mobile tours and fan events.

Check out the case study >>



AR for Entertainment: NBC Universal Jurassic world 

Objective: To create a retail and at-home experience for the Jurassic World franchise that can be rolled out to multiple retailers in multiple markets 
Delivery Method: WebAR
Tools used: Zapworks Universal AR SDK for Unity

The Zappar Creative Studio team worked with NBC Universal to create this interactive AR experience to celebrate the release of the Jurassic World movie. 

This experience builds on the consumers’ creativity and gives them the ability to create their very own Jurassic AR scene. Launched via a QR code, users are offered a digital landscape that reflects the scenes from the movie (City, Market, Forest, Snow). By dragging and dropping these virtual assets onto the physical surface they can bring the scene to life in 3D. Once the diorama is complete they can capture their creations by snapping a photo within the experience.



AR for Social Media: Augmented Cities - 4th Street Wines

Objective: To drive customer engagement
Delivery Method: WebAR
Tools used: Zapworks Studio 

Zapworks partner Augmented Cities collaborated with singh&sons to produce a digital world where fans and followers could access awesome art, a photo-booth and cocktail recipes. The experience was updated every two weeks with new mural designs where users can mix their own art with the interactive colour palette (to share and download). This AR experience was entirely promoted on social media Launched via an on-pack QR code or a link


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