Apr 21, 2017

8 things we learned from VRLA 2017

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to join our wonderful long term cardboard partner MR. CARDBOARD at their booth at VRLA 2017 in Los Angeles. We had been looking forward to showing off ZapBox to the AR/VR community for quite some time and hoped to observe an amplified version of ‘The Zappar Rush’ in the faces of some of its first users.

Aug 18, 2016

Judging a product by it's cover – the outside actually counts as well

We’ve blogged a lot about engaging content, the use of games, photo moments and even the odd celebrity appearance, but “engaging” doesn’t have to mean just all fun and games. There’s a new generation of fact-finding consumer, who want to interact with informative content but it has to be easy and it has to be instant.

Jul 12, 2016

Thank you Pokemon Go for going large

Becoming the No.1 downloaded app in the US, Australia & New Zealand; spiking the share price by 32.9% (adding $7.5bn to their market value); having more DAU’s than Tinder (now neck-and-neck with Twitter); with an average session time of 43 mins (versus 22mins for Snapchat); oh, and almost 30m YouTube views of their trailer and there are still people who aren’t sure that AR will take off at a mass consumer level!







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[Blog] Where to source assets for your next #AR project courtesy of our talented Creative Director, Lucas Perez… https://t.co/WlHqqjO02G

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Ever wondered how Zapcodes work? Here are 12 facts about these neat little chaps: https://t.co/a6QfxzdWL4… https://t.co/EXQ6R4H4HT

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Join our Partnerships Director, @maxdawes for the @BrightTALK webinar on #AR in business tomorrow at 2:00 pm. https://t.co/EzCDxqMkzL

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