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Dave Mather

ZapWorks X Sipsmith competition - expert judging begins

We teamed up with iconic gin crafters, Sipsmith, to challenge the AR creative community to make a truly incredible connected packaging experience.

James Wright

How AR is giving visibility to hidden voices - John Morrison & The Verbatim Formula

AR is being leveraged to highlight hidden voices and create a new frontier in interactive storytelling. Using ZapWorks Studio - our complete AR creative toolkit - creators are merging audio testimony and 3D models to create immersive experiences t...

James Wright

How AR is changing the art world

Talented creatives are turning to AR to create fascinating new experiences in galleries, museums and educational spaces all over the world. Blurring the line between visitor and participant, these immersive experiences are transforming the way we ...

Connell Gauld

Introducing Zappar WebAR

Publish AR content directly to the mobile web, no apps required.

Dr. Simon Taylor

ZapBox - affordable Mixed Reality, available now

Now available for sale for just $30, ZapBox is the affordable, democratic and awesome mixed reality solution.

Dave Mather

ZapWorks X Sipsmith - AR creators competition

Zappar and London gin crafters Sipsmith have teamed up to give AR creatives the chance to win a huge £10,000 prize which will see their work featured on a national campaign. Utilizing the power of our latest ZapWorks Studio 6 creative toolkit upda...

Connell Gauld

Studio 6 update - world tracking is here

Our latest ZapWorks Studio 6 update brings an unprecedented set of new features to create the complete AR creative toolkit. Building on the implementation of face tracking and Sketchfab integration, this build brings powerful world tracking with A...

Chris Holton

Which 3D tool should I use for AR?

The 3D team at Zappar have put together this handy post to help guide you into choosing the right tool for your objectives. We are going to evaluate what we believe are the most common tools, and look at several important considerations such as pr...

James Wright

How AR is transforming learning and helping to keep young people safe online

Educators have been some of the most intrepid users of technology, using AR to inform young people about a wide range of issues and skills both in and out of the classroom. We spoke to talented teacher and creative innovator Kim Maslin about the r...

Dave Mather

Enhancing your graphic design skills with AR

This week, it's all about creativity as we explore Anna's journey from graphic designer to fully fledged AR creative. She's got some fantastic tips for both established and aspiring graphic designers looking to add AR to their repertoire and skill...