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Nafisa Ahmed

Month in AR - September 2022

Find out more about September's best AR examples, with amazing web AR experiences and the exciting launch of State of AR

Emma Moore

5 principles of UX/UI within AR and how you can use them

Introduction to the principles for UX/UI Design when creating AR experiences. Augmented Reality is another space for smart UX design, understand how to create something engaging.

Emma Moore

How Papa Murphy’s increased engagement using AR training

Papa Murphy's increased engagement in L&D resources by implementing AR within their training programme. Employees could get what they needed when they needed it in a highly engaging format.

Emma Moore

Beginners Guide to UI/UX for AR

User-centric design is a crucial to AR. Learn the basics of UI & UX design to create engaging, easy-to-use AR experiences that users will love.

Emma Moore

How Billy Blue achieved 109% enrolment target by creating an AR prospectus

Billy Blue College of Design exceeded their enrolment targets by creating an AR experience as an alternative to their prospectus. Users immersed themselves in the different subject areas to experience the course and the college in a new innovative w…

Nafisa Ahmed

Month in AR - August 2022

Thinking of using AR activated experience in packaging, marketing and retail? Check out some amazing examples of how big brands are leveraging AR for their business.

George Martin

Zappar and echo3D partner to optimise 3D asset streaming for WebAR experiences built in Unity

We’re super excited to announce a new partnership with echo3D to help developers build dynamic cloud-connected web-based AR apps using the Unity game engine.

Emma Moore

Where to source 3D assets

Find the right platform to source your 3D models. Zappar have created a list of free and premium websites to help you find just the right assets for your project and your budget.

Grace Vassallo

Employee Spotlight: Emma Moore

Welcome to the Zappar employee spotlight, a new series where I take you on a tour of the Zappar team, both old and new. This week I’ve tapped into a fellow marketing brain and new starter, Emma Moore; our ZapWorks Product Marketing Manager.

Emma Moore

Additional tools for your 3D AR projects

For a truly immersive 3D experience, detail within your scenes is essential. We've put together a shortlist of some of the best tools for adding details to your 3D AR projects.

Emma Moore

Which 3D tool should I use for AR?

There are lots of tools available to assist in creating 3D content for AR experiences, but which ones are the best to use?

Grace Vassallo

Download Zappar’s guide to ‘Building a Scalable XR Strategy’

Find out how to build a scalable XR strategy within your organization. Download Zappar’s free guide for all the frameworks and internal processes you need to set your teams up for success as well as all the resources, training and tools.