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Emma Moore

PinPoint Media shakes up Sibling’ marketing for Negroni Gin with Augmented Reality!

Find out how Sibling Distillery and PinPoint Media doubled dwell time with WebAR launched from bottle. A stand-out example of how to implement AR in the alco-bev industry.

Nafisa Ahmed

7 Best WebAR examples of 2022

Find out what WebAR is and how you can use it to elevate your AR experiences. With WebAR examples and definitions.

Nafisa Ahmed

How KING'S HAWAIIAN® and Kona Brewing Co.® used AR to increase product awareness

In this case study, find out how Zappar helped Kings Hawaiian boost sales and engagement with a stand out WebAR experience.

Emma Moore

ZapWorks Designer Hackathon

Zappar hosted an internal hackathon where our team created engaging AR experiences. Find out what made the experiences were successful within the hackathon.

Grace Vassallo

Employee Spotlight: Chris Holton

Find out about Zappar's Product Director Chris Holton, his love of AR experiences and his work at the company.

Nafisa Ahmed

Month in AR - October 2022

Find out more about October's best AR examples, including amazing web AR experiences and information about our upcoming AR Pioneers summit

Emma Moore

How Groove Jones created a 200 ft² AR mural for FC Dallas

Find out how Groove Jones increased fan engagement for FC Dallas using a 200 ft² AR Mural to launch an interactive Web AR experience.

Nafisa Ahmed

Month in AR - September 2022

Find out more about September's best AR examples, with amazing web AR experiences and the exciting launch of State of AR

Emma Moore

5 principles of UX/UI within AR and how you can use them

Introduction to the principles for UX/UI Design when creating AR experiences. Augmented Reality is another space for smart UX design, understand how to create something engaging.

Emma Moore

How Papa Murphy’s increased engagement using AR training

Papa Murphy's increased engagement in L&D resources by implementing AR within their training programme. Employees could get what they needed when they needed it in a highly engaging format.

Emma Moore

Beginners Guide to UI/UX for AR

User-centric design is a crucial to AR. Learn the basics of UI & UX design to create engaging, easy-to-use AR experiences that users will love.

Emma Moore

How Billy Blue achieved 109% enrolment target by creating an AR prospectus

Billy Blue College of Design exceeded their enrolment targets by creating an AR experience as an alternative to their prospectus. Users immersed themselves in the different subject areas to experience the course and the college in a new innovative w…