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Dave Mather

Why wait for Apple’s Vision Pro? Now’s the time for affordable spatial computing

Why affordable, smartphone-powered mixed reality can be the starting point for the mass adoption of Spatial Computing.

Grace Vassallo

Accessible QR: The power of the one code approach

Find out how Accessible QR can help your business create a fully branded and inclusive consumer experience.

Connell Gauld

Mattercraft beta is now live

Find out how you can join the Mattercraft beta and start building rich 3D experiences for the web.

Grace Vassallo

Zappar has an award winning time at AWE 23

Find out all about Zappar's trip to AWE, with product releases, awards and more.

Kirk Ewing

Affordable mixed reality is here: Zapbox AWE launch

We are excited to announce that Zapbox, the world’s most affordable smartphone-powered XR headset is available to buy online and is shipping to the US, UK and EU.

Nafisa Ahmed

Best of Augmented Reality May 2023

Find out more about May’s best AR examples, with exciting and interactive WebAR experiences for retail, entertainment and banking.

Emma Moore

Transform your AR experiences with photorealistic avatars in Zapworks Designer

Find out how to add photorealistic avatars into your AR experiences. No coding is required to add fully customisable and animated avatars into any WebAR experience.

Nafisa Ahmed

Best of Augmented Reality April 2023

Find out more about April’s best AR examples, with engaging and immersive WebAR experiences for entertainment and onboarding.

Dave Mather

Zappar at AWE 23: What’s in store?

Find out what we’ve got planned for AWE 23, including the global launch of Zapbox and public workshops of our next-gen tooling for AR/VR/MR developers.

Grace Vassallo

Zapbox Mixed Reality Meetup: Bringing Mixed Reality to Everyone

Find out more about our Zapbox launch event, where Zappar introduced the world's most affordable smartphone-powered MR headset.

Nafisa Ahmed

Best of Augmented Reality March 2023

Find out more about March’s best AR examples, with interactive product visualisation and immersive AR experiences for both WebAR and Native Apps.

Caspar Thykier

Accessible QR (AQR): A 30-Year Journey towards enhanced QR Codes with Accessibility in mind

Find out more about how QR codes have evolved, from humble beginnings to becoming a viable accessibility solution on pack.