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Dave Mather

How much should I charge for my AR project?

Hints, tips and best practice for pricing your AR services. This post is designed to give you practical advice on how to position, package and price your AR services so you can effectively market yourself or your business.

Max Dawes

AR in your own app = Acquisition & Retention

If brands already have an app with a substantial user base, thinking about how this can be used as a gateway to AR experiences is an excellent start.

Mark Woulfe

ZapWorks Space Competition Winner

The wait is over! Find out who won the ZapWorks space competition...

Martin Stahel

How augmented reality can improve the learning experience

In this blog, we explore how AR is being used to engage and involve learners from classrooms and lecture halls to corporate training environments and workspaces. We’ll also look at the outcomes of the new Layered report into the power of augmented...

Connell Gauld

Introducing ZapWorks Studio 5

ZapWorks Studio 5 further continues our mission to build the most affordable, accessible, scalable and easy-to-use AR/VR/MR toolkit on the market. With the introduction of Actions, Dynamic Lightning and additional ZapBox support, Studio 5 flattens...

Dr. Simon Taylor

ZapBox 2.0: This changes everything*

[*] if by “everything”, you mean how big the box is.

Daniel Hartz

Taking a client brief and delivering AR solutions for different budgets

In this walkthrough, we’ll replicate a business use case for a fictional client to demonstrate how you can use ZapWorks to deliver three different AR experiences from beginner (Widgets) to professional skill level (Studio) but still deliver on the...

Heather Andrew

How augmented reality affects the brain

Discover how augmented reality affects the brain. Heather Andrew, CEO of Neuro-Insight shares some of the key neurological insights from the UK’s first ever study into the effects of AR on the brain.

Jeremy Pounder

The future of AR and its implications for brands

Key insights and emerging trends from Mindshare UK’s groundbreaking report, ‘Layered’. Discover some of the best applications for augmented reality and its impact from a marketing, brand and consumer perspective now, as well as its implications fo...

Dave Mather

How a ZapWorks collaboration led to a 55% increase in engagement

Discover how working collaboratively on AR projects can deliver better results.