Month in AR - June 2020

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Month in AR - June 2020

Blog Author
8 min read
From a monumental product launch to college graduations, this Month in AR has been a busy one, packed full of Zappar news and AR highlights.

From a monumental product launch to college graduations, this Month in AR has been a busy one, packed full of Zappar news and AR highlights. 

With our creative team and our ZapWorks community continuing to work remotely, we now more than ever want to let you know that we’re here to support and champion all the amazing work of our ZapWorks users and the wider AR community more broadly. 


If you would like to feature in our Month in AR you can contact us via marketing@zappar, we’d love to hear from you.

AR News - Universal AR launch

After an early reveal in last month’s showcase this month the launch of Universal AR really gained momentum. For those who missed it, we opened up our brand new suite of libraries and SDK’s to AR developers,  enabling them to create immersive image, face and instant world tracked AR experiences in the platform or toolkit of their choice and instantly deploy to the web or build into native apps.

Get started with Universal AR >>

You can also check out a demo experience created by Ben Harraway at Lumen Digital:  


AR for Marketing - Purina ONE 28 Day Challenge

Objective: Increase brand awareness and engagement.

We teamed up with Purina to give their customers a chance to take the 28-Day Challenge. By launching the WebAR experience, customers were given an interactive way to see the benefits of changing their pet’s diet to Purina ONE and what improvements to expect throughout the 28 day period. By completing the challenge, they were then sent a $5 coupon to use online or in-store.


AR for Retail - Viewtoo - Consumer experiences

Objective: Product visualisation

One of our ZapWorks partners in Italy, Viewtoo, created multiple consumer-focused AR experiences using ZapWorks Studio to enable consumers to visualise products in their own homes. The first, for homeware company THUN, allows users to virtually place their iconic ceramic guardian angel ornaments in their homes. The second allows for a bed to be placed in the real-world. Different colors and patterns of bedding can be previewed before purchase. These types of AR experiences are perfect for today’s  continually  evolving retail environment.



AR for Education - Tulsa Community College Graduation 

Objective: To create a memorable graduation experience

This experience was created by a member of our ZapWorks community, 37 Stars Custom Web Solutions, as a way of celebrating the graduates of Tulsa Community College. This podium shaped mailer lets the graduates scan a zapcode to receive a message of congratulations from the college. The mailer was sent out in lieu of a real-life ceremony, unable to take place due to COVID-19. Following the address, graduates can watch videos of college staff congratulating them in light of the unconventional final semester.


AR News - ZapWorks L&D Guide

We’ve made all our insider knowledge about AR for Learning & Development available in the form of this exclusive digital guide. It covers everything from why AR for L&D is so effective  (backed up by scientific research), to sample experiences for you to try yourself. It’s the ultimate guide to integrating AR to your learning and development programs. 

Download now >>



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Final Thoughts

If our favorite experiences have inspired you to get creative with AR, then our ZapWorks toolkit has everything you need to push the boundaries of design, both with and without code. Have an experience you’d like to share? Send your project to us via

Want to partner with Zappar to create experiences like this for your brand or clients? We’d love to hear from you.