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Caspar Thykier

The five layers of the AR ecosystem

We examine the AR landscape for 2019 and how brands and creatives alike can leverage the power AR through ZapWorks. We discuss key industry advancements such as ARKit, ARCore, WebAR and assess content delivery methods, including Snap, Facebook, QR...

Connell Gauld

Introducing face tracking and Sketchfab integration in ZapWorks Studio 6

Our major new update brings Sketchfab integration and face tracking functionality to ZapWorks Studio 6. The latest version of our AR creation toolkit is our most powerful, feature-rich and accessible yet, empowering you to create experiences that ...

James Wright

How to make your video content work harder with AR

A best practice guide for using augmented reality video. Our latest blog explores how to maximize the use of your video content by bringing it to life in AR.

Lucas Perez

Designing intuitive UI/UX for AR

User-centric design is a crucial part of the AR design process. This blog draws on the expertise of our UI, UX and QA teams so you can learn how to create engaging, easy-to-use AR experiences that users will love.

Caspar Thykier

The unfulfilled potential of product packaging

Exploring the capability of product packaging to deliver the greatest always-on owned media channel and user data resource you never knew you had.

Max Dawes

Enhancing the retail experience with augmented reality

Looking to the future of physical retail with AR. Brick and mortar stores are evolving, offering new experiences that build relationships with customers in ways that simply cannot be replicated online. This is changing the way we shop - and AR is ...

James Wright

The best AR experiences of 2018

We reveal the best augmented reality experiences of 2018. This has been an incredible, transformative year for both the AR sector and Zappar as a business. As the medium evolves in terms of the scale and quality of experiences, so too has the crea...

Caspar Thykier

The future of AR: our 2019 trend predictions

Our expert predictions for the future of augmented reality in 2019. Last year we made a number of predictions about what could happen in the AR space during 2018 and as we wrap up the year, it’s time to take a look back and see which predictions d...

James Wright

Ancient History Competition Winner

The ZapWorks community wows us once again

James Wright

How to make your next event unforgettable with AR

Creating incredible AR events experiences