Introducing Lite Branded Splash Screens

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Introducing Lite Branded Splash Screens

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We're excited to announce a brand new product for AR creators that bridges the gap between fully customizable AR experiences and content delivered through the Zappar app - Lite Branded Splash Screens.

Today I’m super excited to announce a brand new product for AR creators that bridges the gap between fully customizable AR experiences and content delivered through the Zappar app - Lite Branded Splash Screens. 

At Zappar, we truly believe in offering the most flexible, versatile, and affordable AR platform on offer, and Lite Branded Splash Screens are a small but significant way for you to unlock new and more custom ways to deliver AR content on a modest budget. 

With Lite Branded Splash Screens, you can now customize the title and branding of your AR experience right from the ZapWorks CMS. No custom code or heavy lifting, simply select it as a trigger, add your brand icon and experience title and you’re good to go. 

We’re already seeing a whole host of ZapWorks users making the most of this feature and we hope you will too. 


Why release this feature?

The adoption of WebAR has skyrocketed since we launched our beta back in June 2019. If you’re not familiar with the concept, WebAR refers to augmented reality that can be accessed from a web browser, rather than a native app, enabling a much more seamless user journey from scan to experience. 

With increased usage, we’ve been looking at ways to maximize your visual ownership of the projects you create for the web using ZapWorks while remaining cost-effective for those on a modest budget. 

Branded WebAR Splash Screens remain a great option for those looking to fully customize and brand the entry point into their WebAR experience, however, we’re confident Lite Branded Splash Screens will prove a valuable delivery method for ZapWorks users with smaller budgets who still want to deliver a branded experience to their clients and customers. 

What are Lite Branded Splash Screens?

When launching a WebAR experience users are presented with a splash screen, from which they can enter the experience you’ve made for them. Lite Branded Splash Screens allow you to contain your experience within a singular, cohesive, visual aesthetic and present your brand at the gateway into that AR experience. 

Our new Lite Branded Splash Screens come with a neutral white and black branding by default and allow customization of both the logo and title text seen on screen. 

We’ve also removed any Zappar branding from the URL to enhance the experience for your users. The URL that your users will see is ‘’

Try it out for yourself:   

What already exists?

The standard Zappar branded splash screen is still available to all users (free of charge) by default through their workspace.
It has minimal branding and does not support any customizations. The Zappar branded splash screen is perfect for many use cases but is not always appropriate for ZapWorks users wanting a more bespoke look and feel. 

How can I start using these?

Lite Branded Splash Screens are a new, additional, feature to all of our Pro and Enterprise plans. So, if you’re already a Pro or Enterprise partner all you need to do to start utilizing this new functionality, is to log in to ZapWorks and amend the ‘Project icon and title’ in any of your experiences and in your projects’ Trigger settings, select ‘WebAR - Lite branded splash screen’.

For more information on setup, please refer to the Lite Branded Splash Screen docs page

Upgrading to Pro or Enterprise

If you don’t currently possess a Pro or an Enterprise plan and want to start customizing your WebAR experiences further, we thoroughly recommend upgrading to one of these plans to start making the most of Lite Branded Splash Screens and the additional features they offer. 

Likewise, please do get in touch if you’d like to speak to us about your customizing your AR experiences. We hope that this new feature is useful to you all and would love to see the Lite Branded Splash Screens you make - why not share them on the forum?