Month in AR - March 2021

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Month in AR - March 2021

Blog Author
5 min read
Check out our top AR experiences for the month of March 2021! 
Spring has sprung and we've been working with Nestlé, FlyAR, and Valio to produce ever-more creative AR experiences.

2021 is another month down, and with Spring creeping in, we’re casting our eye over the last few weeks in the world of AR. 

With lockdowns lifting and tightening the world over, creative applications of AR are ever-present. Less footfall on the street means more augmenting within the home. More time for new hobbies means more people learning to augment their creations. More pressure on business means finding more creative ways to reach the people who’ll find a product valuable. 

Take a look at what the month of March had in store:


AR for Retail: Nestlé Koko Krunch - Music Edition 2021


Objective: To build Koko Krunch brand love with kids and parents

The Zappar Creative Studio team teamed up with Nestle to deliver an experience centered around their Koko Krunch breakfast cereal. The AR experience is unlocked by scanning the cereal boxes, revealing a series of interactive games, including karaoke. Koko Krunch AR brings added value to the breakfast table, with fun games and shareable videos that kids and parents can enjoy together.


AR for Packaging: Telia - Valio Rahka Pots



Objective: To provide more info about Valio products and help them stand out on the shelves

ZapWorks user Telia worked with Valio to bring the world of augmented reality to their Rahka product line. By scanning the pots, customers get access to a wealth of information, including recipes and craft ideas. Not only do these little augmented pots make snack time more interesting, but they also help the products to stand out on supermarket shelves by inspiring potential customers with recipes before they’ve even made it to the checkout.


AR for Education: Alex Cnossen - 3D Spacecraft


Objective: To engage and inspire

Strategic communications student Alex Cnossen created this 3D UFO using ZapWorks Studio to demonstrate the power of AR. Our Universal AR SDKs make it easy to build 3D AR experiences in the tool of your choice, and bring your creations to life with the power of augmented reality.

AR for Print: FlyAR - Virtual Office Tour


Objective: To increase brand awareness and familiarity

While real-life office tours may be off the cards right now, agency FlyAR found a creative solution. Using 3D animated visuals and image tracking, they created an AR office tour that even featured members of the team in animated form. 


AR for Retail: ViewToo - Kanzi x United Scene


Objective: To engage customers and support the entertainment industry 

It’s no secret that the entertainment industry has taken a knock in the last year. Viewtoo used ZapWorks to build a collaborative AR experience for Kanzi apples that reinvented the experience of the live performance. Ever seen an apple take center stage?