Month in AR - January 2021

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Month in AR - January 2021

Blog Author
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We started 2021 off with a bang here at Zappar - releasing two new amazing features for our ZapWorks users and launching some great AR experiences for a multitude of use cases.

We started 2021 off with a bang here at Zappar - releasing not one, but two new amazing features for our ZapWorks users (starting the year as we mean to go on)!

Alongside sharing our Universal AR for React+three.js SDK and Lite Branded Splash Screens, we’ve seen the launches of some great AR experiences for a multitude of use cases.




AR for Retail: 7-Eleven Sony Slurpee Shuffle & Selfie

Objective: To help drive awareness of the PS5 promotion and give customers more reasons to engage with the 7Rewards app.

To celebrate the release of the PS5 in November 2020, the first new PlayStation® console to launch in seven years, 7-Eleven partnered up with SONY PlayStation® for its P1 2021 Gaming Tentpole. As part of the wider P1 Tentpole campaign, 7-Eleven asked Zappar to create the 7-Eleven - Sony Slurpee Shuffle AR mini-game (which launched in both US and Canada on Jan 6th 2020) PLUS an instore Easter Egg - an exclusive AR experience tracked to custom PS5 cups that users could purchase instore.


AR for Education: FlyAR - KAMU (Espoo City Museum)

Objective: To engage museum-goers and inform them of the work done by Kaija and Heikki Siren in a fun and interactive manner.

Built for KAMU (Espoo City Museum) by longtime ZapWorks users FlyAR, this experience displayed a room-scale model of a 50’s apartment. Visitors could interact with the 3D property model and learn about its contents, context and current status. 


AR for Marketing: Darabase - Octopus Immersivans

Objective: To bring existing Octopus Energy vans to life using AR while giving their customers a chance to meet their Octopus mascot, Constantine.

Octopus Energy wanted to create a fun easter egg experience that their employees can share with their customers during service visits. By scanning a QR code, customers can point their phones at the Octopus Energy van and watch as the side tears away to reveal an aquarium scene with Constantine the Octopus controlling the van with levers and pulleys. Customers can also take an underwater selfie with Constantine which they can share on social media.


AR for Packaging: Viewtoo - Amaro Montenegro

Objective: To enhance and elevate the users’ product experience and knowledge.

Longtime ZapWorks partners, Viewtoo built this AR experience for alcohol brand Amaro Montenegro - enhancing the packaging of their amaro bottles to share cocktail recipes and enhance their customers’ unboxing experience.


AR for Retail: Happy Feet - Learn About Your Foot Size

Objective: To engage with new and existing customers during a brand relaunch.

Payless wanted to provide their customers with an augmented reality experience that makes it fun for kids to have their feet measured at home and in-store. Kids (with the help of a parent!) can measure their feet using the shoe-sizer tool, and take the AR quiz to find out which animal shares the same foot size. They can take a selfie with their animal pal, and see shoes that fit on the Payless website.


AR for Print: Promethean - Spiritz Cover

Objective: To enhance the experience of magazine subscribers with a surprise and delight AR experience.

ZapWorks agency partners, Promethean developed this WebAR experience for the December edition of Spiritz Magazine. Every print of 2020’s final edition had a QR code on the cover which launched a WebAR experience that shared relevant news from the alcobev industry.

Create your own WebAR experiences

If this January's Month in AR has inspired you to get creative, then our ZapWorks toolkit has everything you need to create innovative image, face and instant world tracked WebAR experiences that deliver real value. 

If you've got an AR experience you’d like to share, please do send your project to us via Likewise, if you'd like to partner with Zappar to create best-in-class AR and WebAR experiences like this, then we’d love to hear from you.

Stay safe, see you next month!