Zappar WebAR now supported in social media apps and third-party browsers with iOS 14.3

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Zappar WebAR now supported in social media apps and third-party browsers with iOS 14.3

Blog Author
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iOS 14.3 users can now enjoy even more seamless access to their WebAR content.

Designers and developers can now give iOS 14.3 users even more seamless access to the content they create and deploy across social media apps, including Instagram, Snap, WeChat and more.

Zappar’s WebAR technology already enjoys extensive support on a wide range of operating systems and web browsers. Android users can access immersive and performant AR content using the versions of the Chrome browser that have been running on their devices for years, on a plethora of other web browsers, plus the integrated browsers used by social apps.

iOS 14.3+ users can now instantly access Zappar WebAR experiences directly on Facebook & Instagram.   


Those with iOS devices have been enjoying Zappar WebAR in Safari since iOS 11.3. There has, however, been a gap in support - the technology (called WKWebView) provided by Apple to developers looking to integrate web pages into their own apps, and leveraged by all third-party browsers on their platform, has not thus far supported the web’s camera APIs. This means that camera-based web applications, such as augmented reality, or video conferencing, have had to direct users to access content in Safari.

With iOS 14.3, Apple has fixed this issue, finally providing the web’s getUserMedia API for use by web sites launched in WKWebViews.

This means that Zappar’s full suite of WebAR technology is now fully supported through third-party browsers, in addition to links and posts in social media apps likes Instagram, Snap and Facebook messenger. Existing content built with our tools and SDKs should work out-of-the-box, with no changes or re-deployments required, including:

  • Zappar's Universal AR SDKs, enabling developers to leverage Zappar’s computer vision technologies with the content platforms they already know and love, such as ThreeJS, A-Frame and Unity
  • Content authored and published using our fully integrated 3D development environment for AR, ZapWorks Studio
  • Experiences built with Zappar’s drag-and-drop tool, ZapWorks Designer

Build once, deploy anywhere

With Zappar-powered augmented reality, you no longer have to choose a single social media channel, or between iOS or Android; nor do you have to re-build or constrain your content to reach a wide audience. It’s now possible to build once, and deploy instantly and simultaneously to every channel, including:

  •  Social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and WeChat)
  •  Email, SMS, WhatsApp and other digital messaging technologies
  •  Your website, and other online destinations, such as blogs or e-commerce
  •  Physical media, such as packaging or marketing materials, through QR codes
  •  Content discovery apps
  •  Independent scanning technologies, e.g Google Lens

At Zappar, we fundamentally believe in the mobile web as a seamless, low-friction, and ubiquitous distribution mechanism for immersive content. With our technology, running in your users’ web browsers and apps, there’s no better way to reach so many people so quickly.


How to get started

It’s super-simple to get started - just head over to ZapWorks to select your tool of choice and start your AR content creation journey. You’ll be publishing WebAR content in minutes. 

Alternatively, get in touch with our lovely team here at Zappar HQ to learn about how we can develop and deploy your camera strategy together.