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Chris Holton

Bringing 3D to ZapWorks Designer

We’re excited to announce that ZapWorks Designer now supports 3D models. Scale, position and rotate your 3D assets and publish straight to the mobile web – no apps, no downloads and no coding.

Tom DeFraine

How Curious Company used WebAR to launch The North Face Vectiv in 17 countries

The North Face, launching their new trail-running shoe, wanted a frictionless, app-free AR experience to use in-store, on social media, and through their e-commerce channels.

Chris Holton

Meet the new ZapWorks Designer – our commitment to no-code WebAR

Today we are delighted to announce the launch of the new and improved ZapWorks Designer.

Connell Gauld

Image sharing in Zappar WebAR just got even easier with iOS 15

The iOS 15 update brings with it seamless image sharing in WebAR, a performance upgrade and UI tweaks, making iPhone and iPads even more powerful for web-based augmented reality experiences.

Tom DeFraine

Introducing ZapWorks Training

Upskill in AR with our all-new ZapWorks Training, designed to help your business and teams get the most out of AR. Our Customer Success Manager, Tom DeFraine, runs through how it came about, and what you can expect when you sign up.

George Martin

Introducing Lite Branded Splash Screens

We're excited to announce a brand new product for AR creators that bridges the gap between fully customizable AR experiences and content delivered through the Zappar app - Lite Branded Splash Screens.

Connell Gauld

Introducing Universal AR for React + three.js

We're delighted to release our Universal AR for React+three.js SDK, offering web developers the ability to create AR content using the power of the React JavaScript library and three.js.

Connell Gauld

Zappar WebAR now supported in social media apps and third-party browsers with iOS 14.3

iOS 14.3 users can now enjoy even more seamless access to their WebAR content.

Grace Vassallo

Five tips for learning AR with Studio

This is where ZapWorks is here to help. Studio is our most powerful and versatile content creation tool. It supports 3D models, custom animations, as well as a variety of tracking types and it’s surprisingly simple to learn.

Grace Vassallo

Leveraging AR in a remote world

As the world starts to operate more remotely than ever before now is the time to consider how new technologies like AR can be used to support your business through these extraordinary times.