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Grace Vassallo

What is the XR industry excited for in 2022?

We talked to some of the biggest names in the XR industry to share what they're excited about in 2022 and beyond.

Taylor Revert

AR: The next evolution in OOH advertising, with Greg Glenday

In this week's episode, Caspar sits down with Greg Glenday, former CRO at Shazam, and now CEO at digital out-of-home network, Lightbox where Greg is innovating on one of the world's oldest ad formats with AR.

Taylor Revert

Creating more connected customer journeys, with Miguel Navarro

Miguel Navarro, the Head of Voice and Emerging Platforms at TD Bank in North America.

Taylor Revert

Using AR to fuse imagination and technology, with Tom Doust

Join Caspar and Tom Doust, Head of Experience and Learning at the Institute of Imagination as they unpack how people can use XR to level up their imagination.

Taylor Revert

Bringing packaging to life with Paul Simonet

This week, Caspar is joined by Paul Simonet, the director of Experience Is Everything, and previously, European strategy director of SGK Anthem, who has a wealth of experience in planning from advertising days gone by.

Taylor Revert

Decentralising the AR Cloud with Jan-Erik Vinje

Caspar Thykier, is joined by Jan-Erik Vinje the Managing Director of the Open AR Cloud Association, whose mission is to drive the development of open and interoperable AR Cloud technology, data and standards to connect the physical and digital world…

Taylor Revert

Disrupting the training space with Immerse’s Tom Symonds

Discover how Tom Symonds the CEO at Immerse, an immersive training platform has led the way in revolutionising the learning, training and development space with Virtual Reality.

Taylor Revert

The future of spatial computing with Qualcomm’s Patrick Costello

Caspar Thykier, is joined by Patrick Costello the Senior Director for Business Development at Qualcomm

Taylor Revert

Turning the physical-digital with EVRYTHNG’s Judy Moon

Caspar Thykier, is joined by Judy Moon, VP Sales, Americas and Asia, EVRYTHNG.

Taylor Revert

Driving 9x more engagement with AR - John Cassy, Factory 42

In this episode of our 10x10 Sessions, Zappar CEO and Co-Founder, Caspar Thykier, is joined by John Cassy, the CEO and Founder of Factory 42.