Where to source assets for your next AR project

The foundation of any great AR experience is great assets. Many people when t...
Lucas Perez Lucas Perez
Zappar, Creative Director

8 things we learned from VRLA 2017

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to join our wonderful long term cardboard...
Jeremy Yates Jeremy Yates
Zappar, Senior Biz Dev Manager

Why 3D animators should start working in augmented reality

“As a 3D animator I’m drawn to AR because viewers can interact with my conten...
Chris Holton Chris Holton
Zappar, Product Manager

Magnetic London gets real creative with ZapWorks

We spoke with Kaan Aydogmus, founder of Magnetic London, a full-service creat...
Max Dawes Max Dawes
Zappar, Partnerships Director

Three powerful ways Augmented Reality can be deployed in the sports industry

For an industry with such advanced media and marketing materials, UK sports b...
Martin Stahel Martin Stahel
Zappar, Sales Director

Making Magic. Where Shazam meets Zappar.

Caspar, Zappar CEO, writes this blog to announce our partnership with Shazam....
Caspar Thykier Caspar Thykier
Zappar, CEO

How brands are using AR at live events to leave a real impression

One of the most effective and creative ways brands have been using AR is by d...
Steven Spong
Zappar, Conferences & Events

Augmented Reality can learn a lot from Cloud Computing

Some musings from Jeff Ridgeway who heads Zappar in the US: Augmented reality...
Jeff Ridgeway Jeff Ridgeway
Zappar, VP of Biz Dev (US)

2016: What a year!

A quick look back on the year MMXVI.
Max Dawes Max Dawes
Zappar, Partnerships Director

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