ZapBox 2.0: This changes everything*

[*] if by “everything”, you mean how big the box is.
Dr. Simon Taylor Dr. Simon Taylor
Zappar, Co-Founder & Chief R&D Officer

Taking a client brief and delivering AR solutions for different budgets

In this walkthrough, we’ll replicate a business use case for a fictional clie...
Daniel Hartz Daniel Hartz
Zappar, Customer Success Manager

How augmented reality affects the brain

Discover how augmented reality affects the brain. Heather Andrew, CEO of Neur...
Heather Andrew Heather Andrew
Neuro-Insight, CEO

The future of AR and its implications for brands

Key insights and emerging trends from Mindshare UK’s groundbreaking report, ‘...
Jeremy Pounder Jeremy Pounder
Mindshare Futures, Director

How a ZapWorks collaboration led to a 55% increase in engagement

Discover how working collaboratively on AR projects can deliver better results.
Dave Mather Dave Mather
Zappar, Marketing Manager

13 factors to help you price your next AR project

Learn these 13 factors before pricing your next AR project.
Jeremy Yates Jeremy Yates
Zappar, Senior Biz Dev Manager

ZapWorks 360 Gyro Competition Winner

Find out who won our 3rd ZapWorks user competition...
Chris Holton Chris Holton
Zappar, Product Manager

ZapWorks user stories: Gray-Nicolls

Discover how English cricket bat manufacturer, Gray-Nicolls are utilising AR ...
Chris Holton Chris Holton
Zappar, Product Manager

Using Augmented Reality (AR) for Learning and Development

Discover how you can use augmented reality for Learning and Development. Whet...
Mark Banit Mark Banit, L&D Professional

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