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Caspar Thykier

Welcoming Facebook to the AR creation fold

Zappar’s been operating for over six years now, which seems like a fairly short time in many business circles. But in AR years – much like dog years – that’s a significant length of time. The pace of change in the AR space is increasing rapidly as...

Jeremy Yates

8 things we learned from VRLA 2017

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to join our wonderful long term cardboard partner MR. CARDBOARD at their booth at VRLA 2017 in Los Angeles. We had been looking forward to showing off ZapBox to the AR/VR community for quite some time and hoped ...

Chris Holton

Why 3D animators should start working in augmented reality

“As a 3D animator I’m drawn to AR because viewers can interact with my content by clicking on it - and I can publish new content in minutes.”

Max Dawes

Magnetic London gets real creative with ZapWorks

We spoke with Kaan Aydogmus, founder of Magnetic London, a full-service creative agency based in London. Formed in 2011, Aydogmus and Magnetic London have worked with clients such as WWF, eHarmony and Berlitz, delivering an array of unique digital...

Martin Stahel

Three powerful ways Augmented Reality can be deployed in the sports industry

For an industry with such advanced media and marketing materials, UK sports brands have generally been quite behind in terms of digital adoption, especially with AR. Here are three powerful ways Augmented Reality can be deployed in the sports indu...

Caspar Thykier

Making Magic. Where Shazam meets Zappar.

Caspar, Zappar CEO, writes this blog to announce our partnership with Shazam. To say we’re excited would be an understatement…

Steven Spong

How brands are using AR at live events to leave a real impression

One of the most effective and creative ways brands have been using AR is by dispatching it at live events. By organizing events that prompt attendees to use AR, brands such as Coca-Cola, Accuray, and Accenture have been able to add an extra dimens...

Max Dawes

2016: What a year!

A quick look back on the year MMXVI.

Jeremy Yates

From the digital graffiti to a virtual classroom cat, an augmented reality round-up

Caspar Thykier

Active learning through doing with augmented reality

Ahead of the launch of our MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), Caspar Thykier (Zappar co-founder & CEO) takes a look at the role of augmented reality in learning.