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Caspar Thykier

How to create successful AR campaigns: Part 1

Discover the three simple ingredients to ensure your AR campaigns deliver the best results, every time.

Max Dawes

Expanding your agency services with AR

AR is a strategic tool that can open up new moments of discovery for your client’s brands to build engagement, relevance and drive growth for their business. In this blog post, I sat down with Luca Bonzi, CEO of Viewtoo, an AR agency in Milan to dis…

Martin Stahel

Why AR is the next big play for the sports industry

With the growth of smartphones, fans now want (and expect) immersive experiences both at home and in the stadium and it’s time for sports brands to deliver with AR. Discover some of the best ways sports teams can leverage AR for the 18/19 sports sea…

Dave Mather

Using 3D models for AR: Insights and trends from CGTrader CEO, Dalia Lasaite

With 3D already cemented as the mainstay experience of the AR world, I sat down with CGTrader CEO, Dalia Lasaite to discuss current trends in the 3D model market and how AR/VR is impacting it, as well as her thoughts on how 3D artists should be thin…

Dave Mather

Vote for ‘AR & the Brain: Creating Memorable Experiences’

AR is changing the way we think, communicate and interact as humans. Discover how at SXSW March next year, where (with your help) Zappar CEO, Caspar Thykier will be joined by a panel of experts from Neuro-Insight, Mindshare and 7-Eleven to unpack an…

Matt Scott

How to film AR experiences that sell

Learn how to shoot professional-quality video that showcases the true value of your AR experiences. In this post, I’ll unpack some of the lessons we’ve learned from shooting thousands of AR experiences, as well as the challenges faced and how to ove…

Dave Mather

How much should I charge for my AR project?

Hints, tips and best practice for pricing your AR services. This post is designed to give you practical advice on how to position, package and price your AR services so you can effectively market yourself or your business.

Max Dawes

AR in your own app = Acquisition & Retention

If brands already have an app with a substantial user base, thinking about how this can be used as a gateway to AR experiences is an excellent start.

Mark Woulfe

ZapWorks Space Competition Winner

The wait is over! Find out who won the ZapWorks space competition...

Martin Stahel

How augmented reality can improve the learning experience

In this blog, we explore how AR is being used to engage and involve learners from classrooms and lecture halls to corporate training environments and workspaces. We’ll also look at the outcomes of the new Layered report into the power of augmented r…