ZapWorks X Sipsmith - AR creators competition

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ZapWorks X Sipsmith - AR creators competition

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Zappar and London gin crafters Sipsmith have teamed up to give AR creatives the chance to win a huge £10,000 prize which will see their work featured on a national campaign. Utilizing the power of our latest ZapWorks Studio 6 creative toolkit update, which includes world tracking with ARKit and ARCore support, face tracking and Sketchfab integration, the AR creative community are tasked with creating an interactive experience to surprise and delight discerning Sipsmith drinkers.

Zappar have teamed up with our local friends at iconic gin crafters, Sipsmith, to give intrepid AR creators the opportunity to win £10,000! Utilizing the brand new features of ZapWorks Studio 6, our complete AR toolkit, entrants are tasked with designing a truly mind-blowing experience to be featured on bottles of Sipsmith's London Dry Gin nationwide, as part of their 10 year anniversary celebrations. Here's Sam and Caspar with the details...


Zappar CEO and Co-Founder, Caspar, and Sipsmith Co-Founder, Sam, invite you to create an incredible AR experience.


If you're up to the challenge, you'll find all the information you need on the ZapWorks competition page. There's a full creative brief, inspiration to get you started, and a lovely free asset pack to help you on your way to AR glory.


“Collaborating closely with Sipsmith on this competition has been fantastic and it’s great to opportunity to showcase the creative enterprises in our local community. Though we’re from very different businesses, we both share a commitment to high-quality craftsmanship and innovative ideas, so it’s a really great fit. With the new features that have arrived with ZapWorks Studio 6, this is an unmissable chance for AR creatives to craft something truly spectacular and have their work showcased nationwide alongside an iconic brand. The ZapWorks community never ceases to amaze all of us here, so I’m very excited to see the entries flow in”

- Caspar, CEO and Co-Founder, Zappar



The latest major update to ZapWorks Studio 6 gives you the tools you need to create a mind-blowing AR experience for our biggest competition ever.


Creating a fantastic AR experience to engage Sipsmith's audience will depend on making the absolute most of ZapWorks Studio 6's vast array of features.

Our latest update has brought world tracking to our toolkit, empowering creatives to bring digital content into the world around them using our intuitive ground placement symbol. Building upon the popular additions of Sketchfab integration, face tracking and project templates, there's tremendous scope for experimentation and creating something special.

For the full scoop on all of the latest features, be sure to check out our recent update blog.

Could you take gin connoisseurs on a virtual voyage around the Sipsmith distillery? How about showcasing the botanical beauty of Sipsmith's ingredients with a fun and fruity face filter using face tracking? Maybe users could get hands-on with the gin crafting process with a super fun mini-game? It's all up to you!


World tracking brings a whole new world of creative possibilities for the AR creative community.


“Our home, heritage and values are such an important part of everything we do at Sipsmith, and AR is such an incredible way for us to share our story with the world. The fact we get to do so alongside our neighbours at Zappar is a real bonus. The way AR magically brings the digital into the physical world around us is truly spectacular, so I’m sure entrants will be brimming with ideas. Sipsmith drinkers are a discerning bunch and I really can’t wait to see how ZapWorks users rise to the creative challenge of leaving them thoroughly impressed!”

- Livy, Digital Marketing Manager, Sipsmith


Get creating and win!

We're all incredibly excited to see what the ZapWorks community comes up with. Don't forget, you can find the full brief, assets and entry information on our competitions page.

PS: You'll get bonus points with our judging panel for documenting your creative journey on the ZapWorks Forum so don't forget to share your ideas and concepts as your project progresses. It's a great place to share your ideas and seek feedback from our active community of AR enthusiasts. Best of luck and show us your skills!