Sharpie Creative Markers - The World Is Your Canvas

February 2024

Objective: To create an engaging and immersive experience that encompasses Sharpie’s 'The World Is Your Canvas’ campaign and informs customers at the point of purchase

Delivery Method: WebAR

We joined forces with Sharpie for the launch of their new markers to help create a packaging experience that was as creative as the pens themselves. Launched via the web for seamless access at the point of purchase Zappar Creative studio tapped into Sharpie’s 'The World Is Your Canvas’ campaign to create a vibrant, fun and engaging experience to help guide customers through the product benefits without having to offer unsustainable samples in store.

Customers are given a quick sharpie demo before they are given free reign to explore the pens and come up with their very own creations as well as the ability to snap a picture and share their masterpiece.


AR benefits

  • Social Sharing and Virality
  • Cost-Effective Marketing
  • Customization and Personalization