Month in AR - July 2021

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Month in AR - July 2021

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7 min read
Our amazing clients and ZapWorks users have spent July pushing the boundaries of AR with creative experiences for prospects, customers, and employees alike. Let's take a look at what July had in store.

It's been another busy month in the world of AR, with a huge range of experiences being created left, right and centre. Over at the Zappar Creative Studio, we finished series one of our 10x10 Sessions, and launched our all-new ZapWorks Training product

But it's not all about us - our amazing clients and ZapWorks users have spent July pushing the boundaries of AR with creative experiences that engage prospects, customers, and employees alike. Let's take a look at what July had in store: 



AR for Packaging: Happy Egg - Happy Island Egg Hunt


Objective: To engage customers and encourage interaction with the brand

Delivery method: Custom WebAR

The Zappar Creative Studio teamed up with Happy Egg to create this virtual treasure hunt. Simply scan the QR code on Happy Egg egg cartons and you’ll be transported to Happy Island, where you can hunt for prizes - these can be anything from Happy Egg merchandise to kitchen appliances.

This custom WebAR experience is fun, zany, and keeps customers engaged even after purchase. Happy hunting!


AR for Packaging: WÖA Creative - Hero Baby packaging


Objective: To create a connected packaging experience for the Hero brand

Delivery method: WebAR

Creative Studio WÖA Creative built this connected packaging experience for Hero’s baby food. By scanning the QR code on the baby food pots, the packaging comes to life through WebAR - colourful fruit springs from the pot and dances to the beat of the music. It's fun, it's whimsical, and it engages the customer post-purchase, adding an all-important extra customer touchpoint.


AR for Events: FlyAR - 'Skateistan'


Objective: To boost a fundraising campaign to build a Skate School in Afghanistan

Delivery method: WebAR

Augmented Reality Studio, FlyAR completed this project pro bono to serve an important cause. In efforts to boost a fundraising campaign to build a new Skate School in Afghanistan, they created an AR experience that lets users explore a 360 map of the new park, and presents useful info along the way. 

Skateistan is all about empowering children, often from low-income backgrounds, to learn and have fun through skateboarding.

You can donate to the cause here.

Zappar News: All-new ZapWorks Training


After 10 years in the industry, we've learned a lot about what works (and what doesn't) in AR. Now, we're passing those learnings on to your business with our all-new ZapWorks Training.

You'll be guided through an immersive and holistic course that teaches you all about AR strategy and campaigns, as well as technical implementation - all with hands-on support from our award-winning Leaning and Support team. 

Find out more about ZapWorks Training here.


AR for L&D: Digital Pop-Ups x Kingspan Insulation - Employee training


Objective: Engage and onboard new employees while teaching technical skills

Delivery method: WebAR

AR is a brilliant device for learning and development, and many companies are incorporating it into their onboarding process to make it more engaging and memorable for employees. 

ZapWorks user Digital Pop-Ups used AR to do exactly that - they encapsulated technical training into AR mini-games that teach new employees how to install insulation, and adds a layer of gamification by timing them.


AR for Packaging: Nestlé - Marvel Avengers Face Filters


Objective: Engage and involve customers and encourage social sharing 

Delivery method: WebAR

Nestlé is no stranger to enlivening their products and packaging with AR (check out this interview we did with Nestlé to learn more about that). Zappar Creative Studio built this experience to be layered onto Nestlé cereal packaging. By scanning a QR code, customers can unlock Marvel Avengers face filters and take a snap with them - if you fancy yourself as a good Captain America, this is the experience for you. 

Ready to start leveraging the awesome power of augmented reality?

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