Cobra Golf Darkspeed

January 2024

Tool: Unity SDK

Delivery Method: The web browser

Objective: To create a unique digital experience to demonstrate the science and innovation behind the new Darkspeed golf club.

The Zappar Creative Studio team were excited to join forces with Cobra Golf again for the launch of the new Darkspeed golf club line. Tapping into the technology and innovation that has gone into improving the aerodynamics and therefore speed of the club; we created an immersive digital experience that would help their customers visualise this and access all the key information they need where they need it most, the point of sale.

Reflecting the space-grade materials and expertise of aerospace engineers the experience capitalises on Cobra’s ‘out of this world’ marketing campaign and transports customers to another world where they can explore the features that matter to them before they buy.

Launched from QR codes on point of sale materials in Cobra’s retail partner network using a digital experience provided a series of benefits:

  • Enhanced Customer Engagement
  • Improved Product Understanding
  • Increased Sales Conversion
  • Enhanced In-Store Experience