Increasing fan engagement and app downloads through AR and the game-day programme

American football team, Minnesota Vikings approached us to see how they could bring AR into their mobile strategy mix and connect their players directly to their fans to give them an unforgettable experience while increasing app downloads. 

Working with the Vikings innovation team and app providers, we turned the cover of each “Playbook” Magazine into an AR experience accessible only through the Vikings App. A zapcode and call to action were displayed on the front cover, along with further instructions on the contents page.

Once scanned, each cover activated a special message from some of the most loved Vikings players. After the video had ended, the fan could take a selfie with the player and share to social media.

The Vikings saw a 58% increase in app downloads following the inclusion of the Zappar embed and AR functionality. On average, users spent over a minute engaging with the AR content.

In the media

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