Fanta: AR Takeover with Shazam

February 2019

Bringing Fanta packs to life through AR and social influencers


Teaming up with Shazam and Fanta, we collaborated with Anthem Worldwide to create a unique AR component to Fanta’s takeover campaign. Delivered through the Shazam app, teens were able to scan Shazam codes on Fanta packs for the chance to win an awesome prize and unlock unique Face-filters.

Upon launch, teens could choose from 12 face-filters and create their own unique Fanta personality, with the option to share to social media with selected selfies being displayed in Fanta’s follow-up OOH campaign. In addition, they could unlock pincodes from Fanta bottles to be entered in a prize draw.

To help enhance the campaign further social influencers took over media online, in cinemas and OOH media in towns and cities across the world.

There were over 93,000 scans of the experience across all active regions, with users spending just over a minute engaging with the augmented reality experiences.

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