Asda Easter Bunny Hunt

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    MAR 23, 2013

Here at Zappar we’ve got together with our friends from ASDA to bring you a world of Easter-y fabulousness.

By visiting one of almost 400 stores across the country on 23rd March you can meet the Easter Bunny (or his AR cousin should we say) and be guided around to find the secret letters hidden in Easter Eggs.

By zapping one of these eggs you’ll reveal the Bunny inside and be one step closer to uncovering the password. Once all the letters have been gathered up you can collect your free gift from the store (we can’t tell you what it is yet, it’s a surprise!)

For those that can’t make it into an Asda store that day you can pick up a copy of the Asda Magazine to try it out.

Zappar bunny

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