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Grace Vassallo

In conversation with Product Designer, Steven Spong

It was just really exciting to see a company that is actually looking to put it out there and to democratize it, to put it in the hands of as many people as possible.

Grace Vassallo

In conversation with Head of ZapBox, Simon Taylor

The ZapBox philosophy is to keep trying to push what we've got as far as we can.

Grace Vassallo

All-new ZapBox: off to an exciting start

We’ve had an exciting start to the campaign so far, we’ve passed the 350 mark for backers, and are closing in on 50% funded.

Grace Vassallo

Introducing all-new ZapBox: now on Kickstarter

All-new ZapBox will enable content creators and developers to build truly immersive, 6-DoF Mixed Reality (MR) and Virtual Reality (VR) experiences at an unrivalled price point of just $40,

Grace Vassallo

In Conversation with the Creators of Soundwave Revolution

If you like what you've heard and fancy some rhythmic escapism why not download it for yourself and give it a go.

Dr. Simon Taylor

ZapBox - affordable Mixed Reality, available now

Now available for sale for just $30, ZapBox is the affordable, democratic and awesome mixed reality solution.

James Wright

Five talking points from the Zappar March Meetup

All the insights from our latest event, the Zappar March Meetup. Features updates on new and upcoming ZapWorks Studio 6 features, ZapBox 2.0 and insights from our AR expert panel.

Dr. Simon Taylor

ZapBox 2.0: This changes everything*

[*] if by “everything”, you mean how big the box is.

Samantha Trinder

ZapBox: Mixed Reality Hackathon

At the end of 2017, Zappar HQ staged a company-wide 2-day mixed reality hackathon using ZapWorks and ZapBox. Teams set about creating awesome MR experiences, with the winning zap being integrated into the ZapBox app in 2018.