Introducing all-new Zapbox: now on Kickstarter

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Introducing all-new Zapbox: now on Kickstarter

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All-new Zapbox will enable content creators and developers to build truly immersive, 6-DoF Mixed Reality (MR) and Virtual Reality (VR) experiences at an unrivalled price point of just $40,

At Zappar, we’ve been at the forefront of mobile AR since 2011. Our mission from day one has always been to put AR, MR and VR in the hands of as many people as possible. 

All-new Zapbox is the latest step in that mission.


What is Zapbox? 

Zapbox enables content creators and developers to build truly immersive, 6-DoF Mixed Reality (MR) and Virtual Reality (VR) experiences at an unrivaled price point of just $40. 


“We wanted developers to be able to explore the possibilities of immersive 6-DoF MR and VR  experiences, without the high cost of entry for dedicated hardware. All-new Zapbox offers a great balance between affordability and capability that lets Unity and Zapworks users create the impactful experiences they want.”                                   - Simon Taylor, Co-Founder and Chief R&D Officer at Zappar


What’s new with all-new Zapbox?


The patent-pending open headset is light, comfortable and easily adjustable, and maintains as much peripheral vision as possible. The new headset is perfect for Mixed Reality experiences but also transforms VR with friends into a more social experience. You won’t feel cut off from the world, but part of it.


New lens shape

The innovative frameless lenses allow your peripheral vision outside the phone screen to blend almost seamlessly into the content shown on-screen, without the edge of the phone being visible.


Live-hinged phone grips

The new live-hinged phone grips ensure your phone is held securely and centrally in place for the optimal stereoscopic experience, supporting a wide-range of different device sizes, makes and models. It’s quick and easy to insert your smartphone and adjust the headset for a secure and comfortable fit, and it can be used easily in combination with glasses.


Reinvented Controllers

The all-new Zapbox controllers feature a streamlined profile to give precise control without getting in the way, along with an analogue trigger for natural interactions.


Robust world tracking

The newly-designed world anchors provide instant content placement and drift-free tracking, and a combination of your device’s motion sensors and other natural visual features in your environment will also be used for ultimate tracking stability.

Camera Adaptor

Finally the ultra-wide camera adaptor delivers more immersive MR experiences and improves the range of controller tracking. The custom-designed lens clips provide accurate and consistent placement across different smartphones without obscuring the screen.


Develop with Unity




We want even more developers to be able to build content for Zapbox. Thanks to Unity’s new XR plugin framework we will be able to expose Zapbox support to the Unity developer community for the first time ever. 

With the Zapbox SDK for Unity developers will be able to build native apps for Zapbox that can be published directly to the iOS and Android app stores. Thanks to the modular nature of Unity’s XR tech stack, existing content built using Unity’s platform-agnostic XR Interaction Toolkit can be brought to Zapbox with minimal additional developer effort.


All this for only $40


Smartphone not included

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