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Max Dawes

ClueKeeper: AR-powered group gaming is awesome!

Since teaming up with Zappar, ClueKeeper can now offer unique interactions like this AR-enhanced pinball clue featured at the new "Escape from the Musée Mécanique" hunt in San Francisco, which launches today!

Max Dawes

Judging a product by it's cover – the outside actually counts as well

We’ve blogged a lot about engaging content, the use of games, photo moments and even the odd celebrity appearance, but “engaging” doesn’t have to mean just all fun and games. There’s a new generation of fact-finding consumer, who want to interact ...

Caspar Thykier

Thank you Pokemon Go for going large

Becoming the No.1 downloaded app in the US, Australia & New Zealand; spiking the share price by 32.9% (adding $7.5bn to their market value); having more DAU’s than Tinder (now neck-and-neck with Twitter); with an average session time of 43 mins (v...

David Francis

Twelve thousand 360-degree photos from Getty Images now available for VR

Getty Images join the ever increasing list of thought leading businesses that are nailing their colours to the VR mast. This blog post is courtesy of David Francis (AKA the AR-stralian) who has recently joined Zappar in Asia Pacific, based out of...

Max Dawes

Texas here we come…Bring on SXSW 2016!

Zappar work with Emily Clock on all things movie and entertainment related out of LA. This week she goes back to her Austin TX roots to show Caspar and Max the ropes at SXSW.

Jeremy Yates

January Zap of the Month

Every month we pick our favourite zap that’s been made by one of the users of the Zapcode Creator (for those of you that haven’t tried it out yet, this is our self-service augmented reality platform).

Caspar Thykier

How do we ensure a supply of future generations of STEM leaders?

It's a pretty big question... but in this blog we go some way towards answering it. Our recent collaboration with StoneOak Media has led to a world-first in STEM education with the first of "The Rockwell Adventures". Keep reading to learn more abo...

Caspar Thykier

Event Tech 2015: Augmented Reality and the events experience evolution

What becomes apparent over time about augmented reality is that you can explain it in a hundred different ways, create countless video demos and come up with any number of pithy sound bites as to what it is but nothing beats actually showing it to...

Steven Spong

Our latest team member on how Zappar can add value to corporate events

It seems as if the Zappar family has been growing every week of late. Steven, our newest recruit, is focussing his efforts on unlocking the potential of zapcodes within the conferences and events space. This blog is an intro to him and this exciti...

Max Dawes

Words dance off the page with Zappar

Once upon a time, children and adolescents would dream about their favourite fairy-tale stories, simply using their imagination to bring them to life...