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ZapWorks: Powerful Augmented Reality content creation tools

Our goal at Zappar is to set AR free, allowing anyone from big multi-nationals to small Mom & Pop shops to make their own experiences at the best quality and most affordable price on the market.

We’re looking to put the creative tools in the hands of the people to see how they use and adopt it to deliver bite-size infotainment experiences in the world around them, connecting digital devices to physical things.

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ZapBox: The world's most affordable Mixed Reality Kit

Zapbox is an affordable way to experience MR (Mixed Reality) and Room-Scale Augmented Reality, powered through your phone. It combines physical components with advanced software to provide magical MR experiences. Using your smartphone and the ZapBox headset, you can step into a whole new world of interactive content.

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A Zappar Embedded App

Embedding Zappar technology in some of the world's most famous apps

You can also integrate our technology into your own app.

More and more businesses want to utilise their own app as the connection point for their augmented reality experiences. This drives downloads and boosts retention as part of a more integrated AR strategy.

Zappar in your app

The app which started it all

Built by us, using our in-house computer-vision algorithms, the Zappar app is your portal to augmented reality. It can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play. Let the fun begin!

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The Zappar App

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