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Ash Tailor
Zappar have been amazing to work with. The team are fantastic and solution focussed, even when met with difficult challenges. They strive to make experiences bigger and better and their way of working means they meet tight deadlines and adapt.
Ash Tailor
VP, Global Brand & Marketing, LEGOLAND
Testimonial Photo
7376DD6D-88A5-4C0B-A15D-B2FAE055001D Created with sketchtool.
We have achieved an overwhelmingly positive response to the mixed reality technology from this year’s attendees at ESTRO, which demonstrates just how valuable this type of innovation is for the industry.
Birgit Fleurent
Chief Marketing Officer, ACCURAY
Testimonial Photo
Zappar have been fantastic partners in helping with a long-term strategy for augmented reality and connected packaging. Through their technology we have turned our products and packaging into a media channel to engage with our consumers and ultimately drive sales.
Gabriele Hofinger
Head of Marketing & Licensing, PEZ

Frequently asked questions

I don’t have a campaign idea, can I still get in touch with Zappar?

Zappar have worked with hundreds of brands on their first-ever augmented reality campaign. We see ourselves as part creative studio and part AR consultancy. If you think you have an idea, but are not sure whether it will work, or even if you don’t have an idea and would like us to help you come up with one, our team of AR experts are ready and waiting for your message. We’ll always start with the why and dig into what you’re trying to achieve. Don’t be surprised if we say that AR isn’t right for your brief.

How does Zappar show a return on investment on AR campaigns?

All Zappar campaigns have analytics attached to them, which show key metrics such as the number of scans, engagement with the campaign, device type, geography, and more. Zappar has its own data dashboard that can be used or alternatively we can also link events to your existing Google Analytics account or other data system of your choice depending on the requirement. You will have a dedicated producer liaising with you for the duration of your project. They can send you regular reports on the performance of your campaign as part of the project fee if required or you can have access to the Zappar data dashboard with a Zapworks Enterprise account.

Typical KPI’s for AR include total scans, engagement, (measured by dwell time), bounce rate (vs other digital channels), conversion to action (sign up or sales), and social shares. What we tend to see is a higher participation rate and level of engagement and interaction than other channels. We’d always advise that the AR data is not seen in isolation but alongside sales data, footfall, completion metrics, site traffic, media spend etc. as the activity does not sit in isolation.

Is there anything that you need me to provide in order to get started?

Firstly we want your campaign to be a success, and in order to measure that, we need to know your objectives. It is super valuable for you to help to define what success looks like, although we are more than happy to help you come up with this. If your brand has any assets, logos, 3D models, video content etc that you would like to use, then it is also really important to let us know upfront, as they can help save time in the asset creation phase of your project. We’ll also need to work with you on a number of backend and administrative elements including: legal requirements (cookie policies, legal notices etc.), data analytics set up, infosec process, serving and hosting solution, accessibility requirements, and vendor set-up. Finally, understanding other key dates for stakeholder meetings, print production and manufacturing etc. are important to know from the start as well as any third-party agencies involved in the project. To help get everyone up to speed we would always recommend a kick-off meeting at the start of a project to walk through all the elements that we collectively need to be aware of and need to cover to deliver a successful AR campaign.

What's your typical process for working with clients?

We have a tried-and-tested five-step process for AR production with our partners from the initial brief to ongoing data analysis and reporting. We’ve also outlined the optimum time for each phase from experience although these can be tailored to fit depending on your requirements. To learn more about working with us, complete the contact us form above.

How long does it take to design and develop an AR campaign?

This is heavily dependent on your objectives, existing assets and the complexity of the AR campaign you’d like us to deliver, so we never usually like to give a firm set of timelines. However, through our 11+ years of experience delivering AR, we’ve found for a typical campaign it is best to allow 20 weeks if at all possible to complete from brief to deployment. We have a Five D’s process we implement with our clients through Discovery, Design, Development, Deployment and ongoing Data Analysis and evaluation. It is of course possible to deliver activations in shorter time frames (as little as 8-10 weeks) but much is dependent on the complexity of the execution, assets, number of stakeholders, approval timeframes, markets and distribution channel for the experience.

Does AR need an app?

We offer several publishing options. You can publish directly to the web browser across iOS and Android with WebAR or we can embed our technology in your own app as well as offering different options for custom apps and codes. To learn more about our publishing options, complete the contact form above.

How much does it cost?

The ultimate ‘how long is a piece of string question’! The truth is it fundamentally depends on a number of different factors which include campaign complexity; the number of markets/ localisation; assets available or needing to be created; the number of stakeholders and external parties; time to execute; updates required; infosec process, legal and data requirements; the scale of activation etc. Every project is similarly different and requires a custom cost depending on the organisation and their familiarity with executing in AR.

Typically an activation through our Zappar Creative Studio requires an investment that starts from £30k+ to allow for content creation and any attendant licences depending on the distribution method. This can scale to six figures for larger activations. There is always the exception to the rule for much smaller initiatives which would need to be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

The real focus should be on delivering the right foundations from the work carried out to build an ongoing camera capability for your business and begin to amortise the cost over time of your AR efforts. What we do find is that the ROI relative to cost is strong and the capital outlay is less than in many other channels.

Zappar does also have a network of agency partners within our community in markets across the world that we can introduce our clients to if required to manage time zones and currency exchange. Complete the form above to learn more about some of our agency partners.

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