Rocket Racer for Engen

October 2015


Engen are the #1 petroleum brand in South Africa and they have fully embraced the power of the “zap”.


This campaign encourages consumers to return to an Engen QuickShop each week over the course of the school holiday to unlock new levels of the Rocket Racer game.


Spending R30 or more means that a zapcode will be printed on your till receipt along with a call-to-action to play the game.


Zapping this code launches the augmented reality experience where the user selects the car of the week and then manoeuvres it around various obstacles to either "fill their tank" or "run out of petrol" and retry. The game offers users the chance to play, better their last score, share their score on their social media channels, compete with other players on the live leaderboard and win weekly prizes. Prizes include PlayStation 4s, PS4 extra controllers, PS4 wireless headphones and PS4 games.


Engen Retail Business Manager, Dumisani Bengu said this: “As a brand, it is important for Engen to move into exciting, innovative spaces where it can engage customers and interact with them. It is why we have partnered with Zappar to create an experience that will endear our younger customers to the brand.”


What can you score?!


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