Zappar up for 5 awards at the Auggies 2021

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Zappar up for 5 awards at the Auggies 2021

Blog Author
8 min read
We’re incredibly proud to be finalists for five Auggie Awards this year. In the Best Campaign category, 25% of entries are powered by Zappar.

AWE 2021 is nearly upon us, and that means voting is now open for this year’s Auggie Awards.

We’re incredibly proud to be finalists for five Auggie Awards, including: Best Creator & Authoring Tool; Best Developer Tool; Best in Location-Based Entertainment, and two in the Best Campaign category. 

But it’s not all about us - we’re also delighted to see that 25% of all entries in the Best Campaign category were built with ZapWorks. Whether they’re powered by ZapWorks Studio or our expansive range of Universal AR SDKs, we’re proud to see so many wonderful agencies and creatives using our tools to bring campaigns to life with AR. It’s proof that we’re on our way to achieving our mission - democratising AR.

We wouldn’t be here without the Zappar Community, from marketing creatives at Enterprise companies through to individual developers who build with ZapWorks. Without further ado, here are the five awards we’re up for this year, as well as some of the amazing campaigns that were powered by Zappar: 


Don’t forget - to vote in the Auggies, you’ll need to register for a free AWE account. Sign up here and check out all of the entries before October 7th! 

Best Creator & Authoring Tool: ZapWorks Studio


ZapWorks Studio is the leading all-in-one AR toolkit behind some of the world’s biggest WebAR and app campaigns. Built with designers and developers in mind with no-code actions, timelines and animations and scripting for additional flexibility, Studio makes it easy to create and instantly publish powerful AR & MR experiences to both web and app environments. 

ZapWorks Studio also comes complete with Sketchfab integration and dynamic lighting built in, enabling you to add more realism and physicality to your 3D models. Project templates, step-by-step guides, and in-depth documentation make it even easier to get started with AR. 

Vote for ZapWorks Studio for Best Creator & Authoring Tool here.

Best Developer Tool: Universal AR


Universal AR makes Zappar’s best-in-class computer vision libraries (including image, face and instant world tracking) available as SDKs for a wide variety of platforms and languages, including Unity, Three.js, Babylon.js, PlayCanvas, React + three.js and JavaScript. Universal AR is the most complete set of AR SDKs on the market, enabling developers to publish fully customisable app and web-based AR experiences, leveraging the latest features like real-time reflections and multiple face tracking across a diverse range of platforms, frameworks and tracking types.

Vote for Universal AR for Best Developer Tool here.

Best in Location-Based Entertainment: LEGO® MYTHICA


LEGOLAND® Windsor is one of the most iconic theme parks in the world and is always striving to innovate and improve the guest experience. 2021 saw them add Augmented Reality (AR) to the physical experiences and unique rides their parks around the world are known for. Created using Zappar’s technology, the AR functionality was added into the LEGOLAND® app. Park visitors can scan special plaques, with branded Mythica codes that accompany LEGO® statues, to reveal their real-world characters in AR - the characters  appear through a vortex, bringing the LEGO® MYTHICA realms to life before your eyes.

Vote for LEGO® MYTHICA for Best in Location-Based Entertainment here.

Best Campaign: LEGO® MYTHICA


Working with Zappar, LEGOLAND® Windsor Resorts has launched an entirely new IP and area in the park - LEGO® MYTHICA: World of Mythical Creatures - that is based around the concept of an alternate world full of wondrous animals and adventure that you can engage with through magical portals in the world around you.

Vote for LEGO® MYTHICA for Best Campaign here.

Best Campaign: Countdown Super Insects


Zappar, Craze, and Countdown Supermarkets worked together to create an innovative retail loyalty campaign that helped children learn about New Zealand’s native insect world. Zappar created an app to bridge the physical cards and digital experiences on the user's smartphone to improve engagement, boost market share, and enhance the educational experience. Over 3,147,000 cards were scanned in total and the App was ranked as #1 in the education category of the app store and has achieved 1,490,000 visits to the app homepage to date.

To see just how amazing this campaign really was, check out our Case Study that covers everything from why it was built to how it was built.

Vote for Countdown Super Insects for Best Campaign here.

Zappar-powered finalists: Best Campaign

Enter World - Mytheresa x Christian Louboutin created by Phantom


Using ZapWorks, Phantom created this outstanding virtual shopping campaign for Mytheresa and Christian Louboutin. It features beautifully-crafted 3D animations that bring Louboutin’s new capsule footwear collection to life in a realistic way. As Phantom put it: “it would be hard to discern the virtual shoe from the real thing”. 

Creative technologists worked closely with artists to allow for interactivity - people could zoom, rotate and reposition the pieces - while maintaining a high level of detail throughout. This campaign also featured a first-of-its-kind glitter effect that added extra magic to the experience.

The North Face - Vectic Power Further


Created by ZapWorks agency partner Curious Company for the launch of the new VECTIV trail running shoe, this WebAR experience puts the shoe where it belongs: in rough terrain! The shoe is animated and can be fanned out into its components at the touch of a button, no app needed. The rollout took place in 17 countries and 11 languages. The AR was staged both in the Globetrotter Store Berlin in the Innovation Hub and on the e-commerce site of The North Face.

Dallas Mavs Krisstops AR Mural

Dallas Mavs Kristaps' AR Mural Game from Groove Jones on Vimeo.

This shining example of AR for Good was created by ZapWorks partner Groove Jones. The Dallas Mavericks partnered with Kristaps Porzingis to launch #KrisStops, a new community initiative to fight childhood hunger. With every block this season, Porzingis will donate $500 to the Mavs Foundation, which will then be distributed to local organizations to help stop hunger in North Texas. The Dallas Mavericks used augmented reality to help bring awareness to this new cause. Fans could attempt to shoot baskets against Pozingis on a 68' x 193' mural that comes to life through WebAR, which is an interactive game. The campaign raised $105,000 to fight childhood hunger.

Calloway Golf MAVRIK Clubs

Callaway Golf AR - Web AR Promotion In-Store from Groove Jones on Vimeo.

Callaway Golf used A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning to create the new MAVRIK line of drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and irons. This tech influenced approach to a clubhead design and prototyping inspired the marketing team to tap into the power of AR (Augmented Reality) to demonstrate the new features and designs of the MAVRIK line.
AR was integrated to support the product launch in over 1,200 stores where golfers shop – in-store signage and promotions were part of the product release. Created by Groove Jones, the agency utilized QR-Codes and messaging at various touchpoints in the store.

Start your Adventure - Billy Blue

Billy Blue AR Case Study from Unbnd Group on Vimeo.

ZapWorks user Unbnd created this campaign to help prospective students choose a course to study at Billy Blue, grabbing their attention in the process. 
This cutting-edge webAR experience contained a series of abstract worlds that represented the new Design and Technology courses on offer from Billy Blue. Each world showcased real students' work and iconic industry cues, and contained a call to action for students to enrol.

The Modelo Dias de los Muertos AR Mural

Modelo Mural Dia de Los Muertos AR Campaign from Groove Jones on Vimeo.

Groove Jones are at it again, using ZapWorks to build AR murals that catch the eye and increase sales. The goal of this program was to create socially relevant, interactive activation that transcends traditional marketing tactics. It is more than a printed POS (Point of Sale) or an OOH (Out of Home) mural, it's a consumer touchpoint. 
By using your mobile phone, customers can bring a static image to life and augment reality in an innovative way. The sights and sounds you experience are authentic to DDLM, while at the same time keeping the Modelo brand at the forefront. This printed campaign not only generated millions of impressions on social and media, but it also increased sales by 16.5%!