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Dave Mather

Zapworks Halloween Competition Winner

This October we challenged you to create a spooky Halloween themed AR experience that would shake our judges to their very core. We had some incredible entries so naturally, choosing a winner was very difficult.

Anna Broadhurst

Design Tips for AR: Immersion

At its best, augmented reality is an interactive storybook that briefly forces the end user to suspend their disbelief and feel as though their physical surroundings are integrated with digital content. Your aim as an AR designer is to surprise and …

Chris Holton

Using video and motion graphics in your augmented reality experiences

Building motion graphics and video content into an augmented reality experience can be a really effective way for agencies and brands to utilise the content and internal resources that they already have. Unlike formats with a higher barrier to entry…

Dave Mather

Zappar at Adobe Max 2017: What to expect

Ahead of the 14th Annual Adobe Max conference today, we thought we'd give you a quick run-down of what you can expect from us over the course of the three days. Join us at booth 314 where the Zappar team will be on hand to guide you through the intr…

Dave Mather

Zapworks Halloween Competition 2017

At Zappar we love seeing the amazing experiences our Zapworks users create, which is why for Halloween 2017 we're challenging you to create a Halloween themed AR experience that will give our expert panel the fright of their lives!

Paul Spittlehouse

Assembling the AR dream team

ARvengers assemble. Augmented reality offers agencies and freelancers a huge opportunity to establish their niche in what is predicted to be a $83bn industry by 2020. Putting together the right team is essential if you want to grow your capabilities…

Caspar Thykier

9 actionable ways brands can improve their packaging with AR

At a time when your marketing department is spending more on digital advertising than ever before, your brand is sitting on an unrealised marketing channel that’s been dormant in every supermarket, home, office, and shopping centre around the world—…

Dave Mather

How augmented reality is opening up a world of new possibilities for publishers

As mobile technology and digital media become more prevalent, the ability to tell coherent stories across both the physical and digital worlds has become increasingly important. Augmented reality is opening up a world of new possibilities for both l…

Chris Holton

Designing AR experiences that add real value

As augmented reality becomes increasingly prevalent in how businesses communicate with their customers, designers are playing a leading role in defining how AR experiences are produced and consumed. To share that perspective with you, I spoke with A…

David Francis

How to pitch AR projects to clients

It’s happened to all of us: you sit down for a brainstorming session with a client and everyone is really excited about using augmented reality at some point in the future. But how do you turn “at some point in the future” into right now?

Keith Curtin

AR Influencer Keith Curtin: Why I Joined Zappar

Keith Curtin, ranked #1 on the AR Top 100 Brands & Influencers list, joins Zappar as East Coast VP of Sales. Here, Keith provides his insights on the current state of the space and explains how brands can enhance their digital strategy by using AR t…

Dave Mather

What the potential of augmented reality means for 3D artists

With 100 million consumers shopping in AR & VR by 2020, AR jobs provide exciting possibilities for recent 3D graduates and working 3D artists alike. To offer a first-hand perspective, I sat down with recent graduate, and current 3D artist at Zappar,…