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Jeremy Yates

13 factors to help you price your next AR project

Learn these 13 factors before pricing your next AR project.

Chris Holton

Zapworks 360 Gyro Competition Winner

Find out who won our 3rd Zapworks user competition...

Chris Holton

Zapworks user stories: Gray-Nicolls

Discover how English cricket bat manufacturer, Gray-Nicolls are utilising AR and Zapworks.

Mark Banit

Using Augmented Reality (AR) for Learning and Development

Discover how you can use augmented reality for Learning and Development. Whether it be in a classroom or an eLearning course, find out how AR can keep your learners engaged and immersed.

Chris Holton

Problem solving with AR: How retailers can use AR to close more sales

Discover how you can use AR to close more sales in a retail setting.

Max Dawes

6 key questions to ask your client before starting any AR project

Asking the right questions at the start of your next AR project will save you time, money and a lot of headaches further down the road, as well as form stronger, more transparent client relationships.

Dave Mather

Zapworks Augmented Portal Competition Winner

Over the holidays we challenged you to create an augmented portal into another dimension using only your brain power and Zapworks Studio. Entries were varied and inspired, taking the augmented portal theme to new levels.

Samantha Trinder

Zapbox: Mixed Reality Hackathon

At the end of 2017, Zappar HQ staged a company-wide 2-day mixed reality hackathon using Zapworks and Zapbox. Teams set about creating awesome MR experiences, with the winning zap being integrated into the Zapbox app in 2018.

Dave Mather

Problem solving with AR: health and fitness

Discover how augmented reality is being used in the health and fitness space to solve real user problems in this Q&A with Zapworks user and founder of WOD.52, Stian Johansen.

Caspar Thykier

2017 at Zappar: a video retrospective [and an awesome free glossARy guide]

If a photo tells a thousand words then a video tells a whole lot more. We hope you enjoy our 2017 round-up video below which is a snapshot of some of the many AR, VR & MR activations that we’re so proud to have been involved in during 2017.

Caspar Thykier

Predictions Hot Seat: Augmented Reality Trends for 2018

As the year draws to a close, we are already eagerly awaiting the next eye-popping products and capabilities that will redefine reality in 2018. Looking ahead, here is my take on what trends we can expect to see across the immersive computing indust…

Dave Mather

Building compelling user journeys in AR projects

Building compelling user journeys in your AR projects is vital for ensuring your users know how to interact with your experience from start to finish. In this post I sat down with Zappar’s creative content developer Tom Youel to discuss how Zapworks…