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Why Zappar is the best augmented reality solution for publishers on the market

Right now the publishing industry has five providers it can turn to in order to supplement their offering with augmented reality: from A-Z... Aurasma, Blippar, Layar, Metaio and Zappar (there are others but these are the main players in the market). So who should they go for?


Here’s why Zappar is unquestionably the #1 choice...

The reality is that all the companies mentioned above have robust AR platforms, good tracking solutions, solid data analytics, and they all have online tools for end users to create their own experiences.

But fundamentally Zappar provides a unique approach due to our patented zapcode solution.

On one level a zapcode is a brand identifier that tells the viewer that a page has AR content attached to it. Clearly it’s a prerequisite that a page includes a call to action. (How else would you know that a page as additional interactive content?)

But our clever brand device does so much more then just that; hidden in our symbol is a code scheme that allows for 4,000,000,000 (that’s four billion) different combinations of the marque.

It provides benefits to publishers that none of the others can offer.
Here are just six...

1. A zapcode lets the publisher own the page in their title NOT the advertiser or their agency

Each zapcode is unique so you can retain control of the content that is shown in your publication (rather than just running the same copy and AR content that has been created elsewhere and is available in your competitors’ titles).

2. A zapcode means better analytics

With a unique zapcode placed on each ad both the publisher and brand can get data analytics specific to each insertion and understand which insertion or publication is working hardest for them.

3. Same ad, different AR experience

Standard image look-up means each ad has to show the same AR experience. With a unique zapcode on the same ad copy in different magazines an advertiser can tailor the AR experience accordingly to engage the right audience with the relevant content and call to action.

4. Same publication, different editions

Different editions of a magazine issue (domestic, international, subscriber) often have subtle variations to their covers and editorial. This makes it hard for other AR apps to discern between them causing issues from a tracking perspective (i.e. making it "jittery"). With zapcodes this problem goes away.

5. No "best before" date

Other AR apps can only be looking for a certain amount of images at any one time. This is why they have to put a limit on how long content can stay live. The zapcode removes this problem which is why zaps have no best before date (staying live in the app forever).

6. Best value in the market

We’ve saved the best until last. Zapcodes and ZapWorks offer by far the best value solution on the market for a publisher who is looking to use AR for the short, medium and long term. We were going to add a price comparison table but it doesn't seem fair as the next best value service is 1,150% more expensive. Start making zaps now for as little as £30 per month and sign up for our FREE one month trial here.


Zappar, zapcodes and ZapWorks have been designed from our 4 1/2 years of experience working with the top international brands and 9 years of R&D.

They offer the best value, easiest to use, infinitely scalable and most robust system on the market.

They’ve been designed to overcome real world day-to-day issues facing the publishing industry and put the power in the hands of printers and publishers as a commercial tool to drive increased revenue and better analytics.

The best thing is to find out for yourself and take advantage of the one-month free trial seat for ZapWorks. What have you got to lose?

Or if you want a more tailor-made solution then contact us