12 Innovative ways to supercharge your employee training with AR

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Discover how AR transforms employee training with engaging, cost-effective solutions for skill development, onboarding, and more.

AR incorporated into your training programmes is scientifically proven to engage your employees at a higher rate and increase the level to which they retain information – meaning you can deliver more cost-effective training at scale, across different teams and geographies.

If you want to find out more about why you should be incorporating AR into your learning solutions and how it can improve them, click the link below. 

Why you should be incorporating AR into your learning solutions >>

If you are already convinced but need some inspiration, this is the blog for you. AR offers a diverse range of opportunities to enhance your learning experiences, from soft skills training to onboarding. To help you get started, we’ve outlined some of the most successful ways learning professionals are using augmented reality in their learning solutions. 


AR for Onboarding and Induction

Onboarding is one of the best ways to test and learn augmented reality within your learning solutions to provide greater personalisation when introducing new employees to your company. 

1. The ‘CEO Experience’

Create an alpha channel video or 3D avatar of your CEO or founders to give new joiners a more personalized introduction to key stakeholders. 

2. Virtual Tours

Offer employees a guided tour of your office space, factory or shop with AR providing information about different areas and facilities, using 360 video and hotspots.


3. Orientation Training

Give your new hires access to interactive modules that help them get familiar with company policies, values, and culture. Bringing your HR or leadership to life with the Alpha video is a great addition to these types of experiences. 


AR for Skills Development and Enhancement

4. Simulated Skill Training

Your employees can practice and hone their skills in a safe, simulated environment, using 3D models, video and interactive hotspots. This is especially beneficial for roles that require handling complex equipment or machinery.

5. Soft Skill Training

AR can simulate various scenarios to help employees develop soft skills, like communication and leadership, by interacting with virtual characters. 


AR for Product Knowledge and Sales Training

6. Product Demonstrations

Your sales teams can use AR to demonstrate product features and benefits in a more interactive way, enhancing the engagement and retention levels of the training.

7. Interactive Product Materials

Your employees can access interactive product materials such as leaflets, manuals or presentations that provide in-depth information and visual demonstrations, aiding in better understanding and retention.

AR for Safety and Compliance Training

8. Safety Simulations

Make sure your employees are trained in safety protocols, AR can simulate potential hazards and help them learn how to avoid or mitigate them in a realistic but controlled environment.

9. Emergency Response Drills

AR can help in conducting realistic emergency response drills, allowing your employees to practice their roles in crisis situations without real-world risks.


AR for Collaborative Learning and Team Building

9. Collaborative Learning Spaces

AR can create virtual collaborative learning spaces where your employees can work together on projects or learn new skills, fostering teamwork and collaboration. This is especially beneficial in the new world of hybrid working.

10. Team Building Activities

AR can be used to design interactive team-building activities, encouraging cooperation and fostering a healthy team dynamic. AR scavenger hunts can be perfect for this.

AR for Performance Support

11. Just-in-Time Learning

AR can provide just-in-time learning, where your employees can access information or guidance right at the moment of need, enhancing their performance and productivity.

12. Interactive Performance Dashboards

AR can create interactive performance dashboards, helping you and your employees to track and analyze their performance in real-time, facilitating continuous improvement.

Final thoughts 

Whether it's onboarding new employees with personalized experiences, enhancing skills development through simulated training, or providing interactive and collaborative learning environments, AR offers a multitude of ways to easily elevate your learning solutions using drag-and-drop tools like Zapworks Designer.

If you are looking to find out more and get expert insights from L&D professionals our free guide is available to download now: Enhancing Learning Experiences with Augmented Reality


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