The Secret Treasure of Tahka Paka

May 2015

Well that’s one to cross of the bucket list: “creative collaboration with living legend”. Tick.

We’ve always known that book publishing was a great use of Zappar, and that it works particularly well with children’s books.

What we’ve been wanting to do is weave the zappable content through the narrative of a book itself. This is exactly what we’ve done with nine-time Emmy Award-winner Carl Reiner and his fantastic publishers Random Content.

The Secret Treasure of Tahka Paka is a beautifully written adventure tale… with a difference. As Carl says, using Zappar "offers you the chance to not only read the book, but be in the book as well.”

Find out more here (and see what Kobe Bryant, Steve Martin, Jimmy Fallon, and Dick Van Dyke had to do with it).